Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Clean Home (Spring Cleaning)

Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home

Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home. The 2023 Chinese new year, dated Sunday, January, comes with a lot of good fortune and a peaceful mind. The tradition that has been practiced over the years without fail turns out to be the unique new year- a year of the Rabbit.

Cleaning is a fantastic way to send bad luck away and allow space for a new start. With that in mind, there is a need to practice spring cleaning tips with family.

Make your home shine for the 2023 Chinese new year by practicing simple yet unique spring cleaning tips with great benefits. Firstly, experience improvements in your focus and mood and sleep pattern regulation. Be physically active, and protect the immune system, among many others. Read on: Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Clean Home!

Some Spring Cleaning Tips are:

Plan ahead.

You have a busy schedule ahead and are wondering when exactly to do your spring cleaning. Well, have a plan and note everything down. Doing so allows significant time allocation, attention for each task, and the right equipment for usage. Planning will make spring cleaning easy and run efficiently without missing out on any house area.


Spring cleaning tips in the 2023 Chinese new year can never miss decluttering as your top cleaning list due to its significant role in promoting new beginnings and peaceful homes.

Decluttering, as easy as it may sound, you do agree that a lot of you find it so hard to let go of the items in the house. I understand, but there is a crucial need to honor and commit to your declutter list. Make decluttering easy by starting with the accessible areas, organizing, and making spring cleaning tips much more accessible. Getting rid of expired products- cosmetics and freezer foods can be a fantastic start.

Clean windows on a cloudy day.

Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home

According to scientific research, cloudy days are the best choice when cleaning your windows. That is mainly because your soap lather will take a while to dry out, unlike on sunny days- too much heat is experienced, causing the soap lather to dry out so quickly, thus leaving your windows with marks.

On the other hand, the spring cleaning tip uses warm water and white vinegar to clean up the windows on a cloudy day. Additionally, please use your home newspapers to make that pure shine on the windows instead of throwing them away.

Use an air drier to remove watermarks on wooden furniture.

An air drier on wooden furniture is a spring cleaning tip that you can never miss out on, especially when there is a need to remove watermarks. It is a brave move to let your wooden furniture dry off naturally and evenly- a technique that will always leave your furniture with minimal chance of cracking during spring cleaning.

Clean up stubborn strains on your stove.

Tough strains on the stove can be very annoying and alarming at the same time-cooking takes place daily, and the surface needs to be clean, always. But how can you get rid of these stubborn stains on your stove? You can use vinegar, baking soda, salt, and hot water to clean up the greasy stove.

Put salt, vinegar, and baking soda on a cooled-down stove, and soak in hot water. Secondly, use a cleaning cloth to wipe off the residue and dry the furnace.

Use lemon to clean stainless steel.

Using lemons during the 2023 Chinese new year spring cleaning tips is an excellent brave move. Did you know that a lemon is a natural acid that contains a lot of strength when cleaning? That is true; try dipping a cleaning cloth in fresh lemon juice and using it to rub against heat strains on your stainless steel until the pressures varnish.

Safely clean the microwave.

The water rabbit new year comes with a lot of assurance surrounding good luck and peace. And you can only achieve that by ensuring safety comes first during spring cleaning tips. A dirty microwave can be cleaned using baking soda, vinegar, and warm water. Dip a washcloth in the water mixture and gently wipe your microwave.

Similarly, pour one or two cups of water into a bowl, add vinegar and essential oil, and heat your microwave for about two minutes. A pro tip is to put a bamboo stick in the bowl to avoid overheating for safety purposes. Lastly, use a washcloth rinsed in fresh lemon juice to wipe the microwave.

Use aluminum foil to remove rust from toilet pipes.

Throughout the year, toilet pipes may come with a bit of rust here and there, something that you can quickly get rid of during spring cleaning tips by using aluminum foil- it does magic for rusty toilet pipes. Cut aluminum foil strips, wet them in the water, and rub them on the rusty pipe parts. Using a dry washcloth, wipe off the rust residue.

Baking soda and citric acid toilet bombs.

Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home

Homemade toilet bombs are the best!- for toilet cleaning, bathtubs, and washing machines. Mix baking soda and citric acid using a ratio of 2;1. Sprinkle vinegar and essential oils, and pack in jelly molds or ice cubes in an air-tight container overnight. Once the toilet bombs are ready, you can put one in the toilet bowl, allowing it time to fizz, then flash.

Use banana peels on house plants.

Banana peels create a shining effect on your house plants, be sure to keep them. Rub the banana peel on plant leaves, and wipe off the excess leftovers with a dry washcloth.

Start Your 2023 Lunar New Year With A Fresh, Clean Home – Conclusion

The 2023 Chinese new year comes with unique energies you can never miss. Practice these spring cleaning tips, put a bouquet of fresh flowers on your dining table, and get ready for a fantastic new start!

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