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Singapore is one of the few countries on the planet, Earth where its residents enjoy the pride of living an elegant life. Indeed, hundreds and thousands of homeowners achieve the beauty and elegance of their houses/homes/offices by employing different methods; which include keeping pets, flooring the house with beautiful tiles (and other kinds of flooring materials such as engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, marble flooring, and so on), while others make their rooms nicer by covering the floors with amazingly good carpets, and many more. Nevertheless, this article dwells on carpets as well as ways of retaining its beauty.

As stated in the introductory section, many houses in Singapore have their floors covered with carpets. As a matter of fact, any house with a carpet looks awesome and amazingly beautiful. However, if not cleaned, it will look dull and tarnished. Therefore, one of the major maintenance tasks concerning carpets is of course regular cleaning. Nevertheless, most people living in Singapore are professional and they have busy schedules most of the time. This leaves limited time for them to clean their houses as well as their beautiful carpets. In addition, some people might have time to do so, but their only challenge is that they might be lacking the right carpet cleaning equipment. Equally, others might not be good in doing such a kind of chore, and if they do it, they just leave the carpet dirtier that it was before. Now, what is the solution?

Well, if the above challenge has been your concern, then worry no more as this article has good news for you. Nowadays, what you cannot do, can be done better by hiring someone to do it on your behalf. Similarly, in Singapore, there are tens and hundreds of carpet cleaning companies. Therefore, your task is to choose one of the best carpet cleaning company. However, choosing the best company is another challenging task. This is because there are several companies, each offering state-of-the-heart services, which means selecting the best out of the many is not a simple task. Well, this should not worry you; just read the following and understand why you should hire us.

Nevertheless, before unveiling some of the awesome reasons as to why you should hire us as your carpet cleaning company in Singapore, it is very important for readers to understand the need for clean carpets. Indeed, carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis, and the reasons for doing that include the following:

  • It helps to retain its original aesthetic value. In other words, dirt removal restores the original beauty of your carpet
  • It helps to remove bad odor, which otherwise would be a potential health problems especially to people who are allergic to bad odor and other allergens
  • Regular cleaning helps to keep away insects such as cockroaches, mites, bedbugs, and many more from investing in your mighty carpet. Can you image a situation when a bedbug slowly walks in front of your visits? Isn’t embarrassing?
  • Regular cleaning makes carpet last longer, hence minimizing the rate of replacement
  • It also helps to maintain its resale value, if you are planning to resell
  • And many more
House Cleaning Services & Part Time Maid

House Cleaning Services & Part Time Maid

How To Choose The Right House Cleaning Company?

Finding the right house cleaning company can be both costly as well as time-consuming. With numerous cleaning companies in operation today, ranging from local providers of every size to franchised businesses; it is quite tricky to lay your hands on a good quality cleaning company. Avoid poor results and get the right house cleaning company that guarantees to give you peace of mind and keep your house sparkling clean.

Today, most people choose a house cleaning company based on the information that they get through word of mouth. Therefore, you will need to find out if there are currently house good house cleaning companies in your local area from your neighbors. Neighbors and trusted friends will surely be of immense benefit by telling you what it is they love about their cleaning service provider. In addition, if there was any issue with a company’s service, you are more likely to already have heard about it from your co-worker or friends.

Acquire at least four price quotes to aid you in comparison. Do not purchase only on price, except if a price is totally and truly out of line. Have in mind that these people will time and again be in your house even when you aren’t home. Trust isn’t really the only major concern. How well do they tidy your house, compared to your expectations?

While the company’s estimators are in your house, remember to point out the areas that are of great concern to you, like that ledge that always has cob-webs forming on it: how are they going to accommodate your requests? A good house cleaning company should always be able to offer great services to all its clients, because that is what defines it.

Long before you give the green light for any work to start in your house, ask for at least four references of some of the company’s current clients and don’t hesitate to check them out. And, if at all the house cleaning company was recommended by a friend, then you already have great and trusted reference. Nonetheless, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for more additional sources.

It is quite easy to get a company’s proof of insurance as you simply need to ask the management to mail you a copy of their insurance certificate or provide you with the fax of their insurance company. The insurance company will notify you if at any one time, the insurance policy of this house cleaning company has ever been cancelled.

The Liability Insurance Certificate will list the insurance broker’s name, the insured cleaning company’s name and that of the insurance company.

House cleaning companies may also show proof of insurance by offering photocopies of their insurance policy. However, you must never accept this as there simply is no way for you to clearly tell if the policy is valid or not. The policy may even have been revoked as soon as it was issued. If you don’t get proof of insurance right from the insurance company, then you will end up paying a house cleaning company’s rates with insurance while unwittingly putting yourself at great risk each and every time the company’s staff is working on your property.

Therefore, as a precaution go for a cleaning company, which has insurance in order to protect your home as well as yourself in case of injuries to the house cleaners and damage to your property.

Do not go for a cleaning company without inquiring if it does carry out drug testing or criminal background checks. The costly investment of drug testing and criminal background checks is made only by cleaning companies that take the protection of their customers very seriously. Cleaning companies that carry out these types of screening, indeed tend to have a high caliber of staff working in your house.

Inquire about the house cleaning company’s policies on whether they offer any guarantee, forms of payment that they accept as well as their cancellation policy.

Ask the company for a checklist that will highlight all the cleaning services done for every home cleaning. Ensure to find out if the company charges more for services like making beds, washing dishes, washing baseboards, changing sheets etc.

The right house Cleaning Company should be:


The cleaners will be offered unrestricted access to your house, and they will also be in contact with members of your family, therefore it’s good to have someone who’s totally honest and trustworthy.


You obviously do not want to have to mind about when your cleaners will show up. You ought to always have the peace of mind expecting that the cleaning job will be done perfectly. In the event of vacation or illness, a quality cleaning service company should always ready and able to avail a replacement.


The essence of hiring a cleaning service is definitely to have your house properly cleaned in the quickest time possible. So, you need chose a high-quality house cleaning service with fully trained and dedicated staff that is able to carry out their tasks appropriately.


As previously mentioned, the cleaners will be spending quite a lot of time in your house and in some instances with your family. As such, you need to make sure that the persons you are dealing with are friendly and have a positive attitude towards their job, your family, and you.

If there is an issue…

If you are unhappy and unsatisfied with the manner in which the cleaning job in your house is done, try to have the problem rectified by speaking directly with the cleaner. In most cases, problems tend to arise simply because of unclear instructions.

However, should this approach turn out to be unsuccessful, you need to contact company and talk directly with the supervisor outlining your concerns clearly. Remember to take photos so that you are able to avail concrete examples of each and every area that was not cleaned as per your expectations.

If you are not able to completely resolve any problems with your house cleaning company, then it is time to move on and look for a better alternative. You have a right to expect great results because you are paying for that service and it is absolutely not a request.

Now, Why Hire Us As Your
House Cleaning Company in Singapore?

The-State-Of-The-Heart carpet cleaning services

We are the number one carpet cleaning company in Singapore who assure high quality-cleaning services. Our services are highly rated by all our former customers and clients. This is because we clean your carpet using the latest cleaning technologies, which makes your carpet look newer.

Equipped with a professional carpet cleaning team

In order to offer better services, we have a team of highly trained personnel. Ideally, all our personnel are professionals who have 5 to 10 years cleaning experience. Therefore, be rest assured that our team of experts will leave your carpet with another awesome look at the end of the cleaning task.

Equipped with the latest carpet cleaning equipment

As a matter of fact, it is pointless to a have a team of highly trained carpet cleaning professional who is working with old-fashioned cleaning devices! Indeed, to achieve the state-of-the-heart cleaning services, we have some of the latest cleaning equipment. These devices have the capabilities of removing all the debris, odor, and dirt, even those that have sunk deep into the fiber of your carpet. With these equipments, our experts will be able to remove even the stains that you thought it would never be removed.

We are
highly reputed

Ideally, before choosing any carpet cleaning company, you have to confirm its reputation. In other words, a company that is highly reputed is more likely to offer the best services. In this regard, we are one the most reputed carpet cleaning companies in Singapore. Our clients are fully satisfied with our work well done. This can be shown by the amazing reviews and satisfaction feedback we had been receiving. Therefore, consider hiring us next time, and enjoy the same reputation we are offering.

We are offering our services at affordable rates

As a matter of fact, some people might shy away from hiring a carpet cleaning company thinking that it is very expensive. Yes, that might be true! However, that is not the case with us; we are offering our carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. Of course, this will depend on the kind of cleaning service offered.


Another amazing feature with our cleaning services is that, we do cleaning anytime anywhere. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your visitors are coming in the next 15 hours and your carpets are still very dirty. Just give us a call and our team of cleaning experts will be there shortly.


As stated in the introductory section, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is one of the most important steps in making sure that your house is always clean and that, you live a healthy environment. From the aforementioned points, it is clear that we offer some of the best services like no other, just give us a call.


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