Why More Singaporeans Hire part time cleaner?

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A part time cleaner is like a blue-chip investment that reaps endless rewards; whether you’re a professional, or a full-time mother. Household chores are exhaustive and time can be best spent on love ones instead.

When was the last time you have actually pampered yourself? When was the last time you spent time in your passion, hobbies and recreational activities? If your answers go along the line from ‘once in a while’ to ‘never’, now is the time for us to offer you with experienced part-time maid solutions. Escape the mundane, static lifestyle at home; it’s time to indulge!

Part-time maids will tend to you at your doorstep, whenever, wherever. Schedule your appointments and spend that quality time with your loved ones.

Your schedule, your home preferences, your lifestyle. It’s all customizable and tailored to your needs. Be stress-free.

Escape the ‘fixed expenses’ of a full-time domestic maid and reap the rewards of experienced part-time cleaning professionals. Your budget is important to us too.

You set the benchmark; we tailor to your requirements. Our part time cleaning professionals represent us. Quality is of utmost importance, and your satisfaction is our mission.

Why call us for part-time maid services? Because we have proven track record and tons of testimonials from our client. We offer part time cleaner service with absolutely no agent fee!


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