Services that a professional house cleaning service provides at your doorstep

People of Singapore are highly diligent. They devote most of their time in work. They should enjoy their leisure time with their friends. Housework can take a backseat. It is better to devote your time in enjoying with your pals and family members during your free time than to do your housework. To make it easy for you we provide you all sorts of house cleaning services. Our services include one time spring cleaning, part time maid, and weekly cleaning service. Read the article to find out what services we provide for you in Singapore.

About professional house cleaning services in Singapore

The motto of our company is to let the people enjoy their quality time with their friends and family members. While they enjoy their leisure time with their friends and family members, we take care of their homes by keeping them clean. We do not employ any agents to render you our services. The fee structure of our services is pretty simple and tangible. You don’t need to pay any hidden services. We have mentioned out fees in our website with all the taxes. You can find all the details of the services that we provide.

Services we provide

One time spring cleaning

Spring is the proper time for the people of Singapore to clean their houses. Most of the people take this season as an opportunity to clean their houses. We provide you the solution of organised cleaning that you would love to hire. We can do the cleaning job of your house with or without your presence. You don’t need o clean your house all by yourself. You can administer our work while we clean your house. We possess the right kind of equipments to make the cleaning process easier. You don’t need to wear the same clothes that you used to.

As part of the spring cleaning spree, we go by the cheap money policy by providing you discounts and various offers.

Part time maid

Whether you are a housewife or a working lady, it doesn’t matter. It is always the best to spend time with your dear ones than to do the house chores. By employing the part time maid in your household works, you can go for different works. We provide the part time maid services at your doorstep. The part time maid is going to work as per your requirements and benchmark. The quality that you expect, we provide beyond that. We charge you on hourly basis for the part time maid. The best thing about the part time maid service is that you can make her do additional work with little extra fees.

Weekly cleaning service

Singapore is a country where you don’t need to clean your house on a daily basis. It is rather suitable to clean your house on weekly basis. Most of the people prefer this mode of cleaning. As part of the weekly cleaning services, we provide toilet cleaning services. The professionals will visit your home with the desired equipments to clean your toilets. This service also includes the mopping and vacuuming of your floors. This service includes cleaning of your clothes, ironing of your clothes, stove area cleaning, cleaning of your windows, and kitchen and room cleaning. We charge your on hourly basis for these services. For little extra hours of services we provide you discounts.

Office cleaning service

All the services remain the same when it comes to your dirty offices. It is necessary maintain your office clean for the health of your business. You can take the help of our cleaning services on a daily basis or on weekly basis. Most of the people in Singapore prefer weekly cleaning service of their offices and some of the people clean their offices on a daily basis. All the rules remain the same for cleaning of your offices.

* Air-con services

It is to ensure that you stay in a healthy environment. To fulfil that wish, we provide you air conditioner cleaning and maintenance services. By running for hours, your air conditioner gathers dust. This condition can ruin the life span of your air conditioner. We have specialised professionals to take care of your air conditioner at your home and at your office.

House painting

This service goes seamlessly with our cleaning services. We provide painting services for both your home and office. People always want to see their home new. Painting is a way to make your home look new as ever. This is a complementary service which you can opt. As you hire our cleaning services, we first clean your house and then go for paining your house to make it look new forever.

Carpet cleaning

Most of the people have vacuum cleaners but they don’t know how to use the vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets. This becomes a disadvantage for them while they can’t dispose the carpets because of the advantages they provide. We provide the services that will make your carpet look clean. Your carpets will smell good after getting served by our company. The main motto of providing carpet cleaning services is to provide you a healthy environment to live. We employ a special team for cleaning your carpets at your home. These people have years of experience in carpet cleaning.

Laundry cleaning

There is no doubt that people in Singapore are affluent to use high quality clothes. It becomes a tough task to clean the high quality clothes. You specifically need the experts to clean your high quality clothes. We provide you the required professionals to do the cleaning job of your laundry. Most of the times, you give your clothes to laundry service providers and you end up with burnt clothes. The specialised professionals that we provide clean and press your clothes to please you.

Curtains and blinds

We specialise in curtains and blinds. Most of the times, you stay confused to use the right kind of curtains at the right places. We offer you the professionals who can solve your problems related to curtains and blinds within no time.

Final thoughts

Various professionals are there in the Singapore markets that do loudmouth publicity without any guarantee of quality. It is the best time for you to judge the right kind of professionals that fit for the right kind of gigs.

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