2023 Ideas To Clean And Declutter Your House (4 Mins Read)

2023 Ideas To Clean And Declutter Your House. With every new year that rolls around comes the tendency to create resolutions. But unlike most recent year’s resolutions, cleaning and decluttering your home shouldn’t just remain on a list.

If you want a unique opportunity for a fresh start, one of the most important things you must do is to make your home a peaceful, calming, and stress-free environment. And thus, cleaning and decluttering mustn’t just be a 2023 new year’s resolution but a yearly habit that helps you and your family turn over a new leaf.

Out with the old and in with the new, but do it home style. Step into a renewed vision of your home with these simple yet practical 2023 ideas to clean and declutter your house:

House Cleaning Tips for 2023

2023 Ideas To Clean And Declutter Your House

Start the Year with a Deep Clean

After recovering from New Year’s hangover, you can schedule a deep cleaning of your home. You can hire a professional cleaner who will clean your home from top to bottom or make it a fun and productive family activity that gets everyone involved. A deep clean can help you determine which items need to be thrown out and which to keep.

Create a Checklist of Things to Clean

Creating a cleaning checklist allows you to organize your schedule and prepare the tools and materials for cleaning each area. Make sure you include your living room, foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms in your checklist, which are your home’s five most important areas to clean.

Don’t Forget to Clean Air Filters and Air Vents

These are the most commonly missed spots when it comes to cleaning homes. It’s no surprise, though, as these are not visibly seen, but they significantly impact your home’s air quality. Include cleaning standing fans and, most significantly, ceiling fans.

Clean Furniture

You may clean the carpet and curtains and dust your coffee table, but when was the last time you vacuumed and cleaned your couch? How about your mattress? Or your bookshelves? Remember to clean your furniture as you’re busy cleaning your floor and windows. Include shelves and cabinets, too.

Schedule a Recurring Time to Clean

The new year or spring cleaning of your home must not just occur only once a year, but make it a habit year-round so you can stay calm once you do a deep cleaning. Even if your home doesn’t need cleaning every day, set a recurring schedule to help maintain the cleanliness of your home.

You can make Sundays a family day to clean individual bedrooms, the first Saturday to clean the backyard, or once every month to clean the garage.

Maintaining a habit of cleaning specific spaces of your home will also help preserve the quality of your carpets, curtains, blinds, furniture, and other essentials.

House Decluttering Tips for 2023

Now that we’ve discussed a few new year cleaning tips let’s talk about decluttering. What is decluttering, anyway? And why do you need to do it even when you’ve cleaned your home?

When talking about decluttering, we need to define what clutter is in the first place. Clutter is simply things that look untidy or crowded. Clutter does not necessarily mean something you don’t need. It merely means they need to be organized. However, clutter can be a mix of things you need and don’t need, so you must distinguish which items are still in use and which are not.

And this brings us to our tips for decluttering your home:

Focus on High Traffic Areas

What are the high-traffic areas of your home? Is it the foyer? The backyard patio? The kitchen? Since most of your family members and house guests come and go in these spaces, keeping them clear of things and organized is best.

If you have a bunch of shoes cluttered in your foyer, a shoe cabinet can keep them organized and out of sight. If you have a lot of chairs and seating on your patio, you should get rid of a couple to make way for a more peaceful and spacious spot for people to move around.

Declutter Your Fridge and Pantry

Keeping food in the fridge and pantry will most likely contain expired items that are useless and dangerous for you and your family. Clear out your fridge and pantry, sort out the expired items or those nearing the expiration date, and keep the ones you can still consume. Decluttering your fridge and pantry will also give you a better idea of what items to buy when you do the groceries.

Organize Your Closet

Prepare two boxes or baskets for this activity. Look for all the clothes you no longer want to wear and place them in the basket with clothes you intend to throw out or donate. Any piece item you haven’t worn for a year fits into this category, except for investment pieces like a fully-beaded gown, a wool coat, or a wedding gown.

For the other basket, place all the clothes you haven’t worn in a year but still want to keep. You can just set this basket aside so you can decide later. If you’ve thought about throwing them or keeping them later on, at least you’ve already separated them from the pieces you want to keep in your closet.

Aside from clothes, you can also organize other items in your home into two boxes: one to throw away and one to think about later. Some things you might need to throw out our socks with no match, broken toys, used notebooks and pens with no ink, old makeup, dead batteries, old newspapers, old magazines, and anything that doesn’t serve any purpose.

2023 Ideas To Clean And Declutter Your House – Conclusion

2023 Ideas To Clean And Declutter Your House

Experts say cleaning and decluttering your house is vital to a happier space. Your abode has a significant impact on your mood and overall well-being. Clutter and dirt can cause stress, and when you’re stressed, you become angry, frustrated, and anxious, which contributes to a stressful life at home.

Make your house a place of peace, calm, and refuge, and it all starts with cleaning and decluttering your home in 2023.

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