House Cleaning Services Checklist

What types of cleaning services do the cleaning company provide?

Are you planning to hire a house cleaning company to do your part-time cleaning work? A cleaning company is a valuable investment when it comes to home maintenance.

With the experience of a company that you can bank on, you can rest assured that it will be done correctly. One of the struggles many people face while contemplating hiring a cleaning company is the services it provides, and this article has been made to shed light on this issue.

Benefits of cleaning and disinfecting home and office

All cleaning companies will offer flooring cleaning. This includes mopping for hard surface flooring. One thing to note for flooring is to clarify with your cleaning company beforehand if there are any specifics that they need to clean your carpet, such as hard-wood flooring.

Most companies do not provide cleaning materials due to skin-sensitivity issues, kindly check with your desired cleaning company.

The next thing that is offered is clearing the dust-bins. Home cleaning services and office cleaning companies provide the mandatory package of them making the rubbish for you. Still, it is up to your discretion to prohibit cleaners from entering a sensitive area, such as the bedroom or the manager’s office. This can all be pre-arranged and is subject to changes if need be.

Cleaning materials
Cleaning materials

The next thing most companies would offer is the thorough clean-up of the toilet. This could range from just washing the place down with soap and water to remove any soap stains and keeps the site generally clean to a total scrub-down, which includes disinfecting the floor, sinks, and bath-tubs.

Check also if they have optional plumbing service even in the event when the toilet or the sink requires the use of that service.

Most people are generally sensitive about seeking a cleaning service to wash their clothes for fear that they may damage delicate textiles. Ensure that you check with your cleaning service if this service is provided if you require it in the first place and check with them about their knowledge of the delicate textiles they should be aware of.

They will most likely use your washing machine to wash your clothes, so be sure that it can remove different types of materials. 

Washing of toilets
Washing of toilets

One thing that all cleaning services do not provide is cleaning up after pets. This boils down to the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the pets they keep are disciplined and taught to use the toilet. Be aware that if you do have any heavy furniture which cannot be moved by one person with ease, there is a high chance that it will remain untouched. 

Generally, a cleaning service is a beautiful addition to make life that much easier. It might be a bit of work to let them know of all the specifics that they need to take care of, but it will pay off well with excellent knowledge of cleaning, which is portrayed by your space.

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