Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick?

Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick? Your carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria, so don’t let it mess with your health. If you haven’t vacuumed in the last week, I highly recommend doing that. It can be a simple task – grab your trusty vac and give it a once-over.

While you’re at it, clean pet bedding and toys too! Read on – Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick?

Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Carpet:

1) Carpets collect dust and allergens

Your home might be full of dust and allergens; think about your computer monitors and keyboard surfaces constantly accumulating hair, skin cells, and dirt from your shoes. One of the main culprits for collecting dust and allergens is your carpets. Specially-made vacuum cleaners can suck up more than 1600 allergens per minute. Yes, carpets are germ collectors!

2) Carpets can harbor bacteria and parasites

Recent studies have found that 40% of all the bacteria in a home reside in a carpet! People with respiratory problems should take special care since breathing this air is complex, and allergies or infections may occur.

3) Dirty carpeting can cause headaches

Dust particles (even tiny ones) irritate your nasal passages and eyes. Eye irritation also causes headaches. And a little dust or pollen in your lungs can cause flu-like symptoms.

4) Dirty carpeting can cause dermatological problems

Dermatological problems result from skin irritation caused by bacteria, fungi, and molds that collect on the carpet. These environmental irritants can cause allergic-type reactions to occur. It may also worsen general conditions such as eczema, hives, and asthma.

5) Dirty carpets can increase your chance of catching a cold

A study at New York University’s medical center found evidence linking indoor dust with colds and allergies. The study found that homes, where the dust was vacuumed regularly had 20 percent fewer people coming down with colds than homes where the dust was rarely cleaned.

6) Dirty carpeting can weaken your immune system

Both the amount and type of allergenic substances in your home can make you more susceptible to colds, flues, and even pneumonia.

7) Dirty carpets can lead to lung problems

A study on mice found that airborne particles from a single moldy carpet sample were enough to cause lung inflammation during an experiment looking at allergic asthma.

8) Dirty carpets can cause premature aging

One of the worst things about carpets that are not vacuumed often is how quickly they can collect dust, allergens, germs, and bacteria. These organisms do not just brush off with a simple vacuum; these contaminants get deep into the carpet fibers and stick there for a long time. Because of this, children and adults alike can suffer from common allergies such as asthma and seasonal allergies.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here are eight carpet cleaning tips that go beyond just vacuuming:

1. Be aware of stains

It would be best if you tried to remove any stains before they are set by blotting them with an absorbent towel and then wiping away the moisture with another clean cloth or paper towel. It would be best to immediately eliminate any spills before the stain soaks into your carpet.

2. Prepare in advance

When hiring a professional cleaner, please make sure they use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. The large volume of water used by these machines is much better at extracting tough stains than portable handheld machines. Please check that any company you use also uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and follow their tips for preparing your carpets before they arrive.

3. Know when to call a professional

Not all stains can be removed, especially if they have been there for a while or are challenging or grimey. If you cannot remove the stain, call a professional to help. They will be able to advise you on what type of solution you should use. If you remove the paint yourself, it is a good idea to take some notes of what caused it so that you can recognize it in the future.

4. Start at the edges

Could you place newspaper under your carpets and work from one edge of the room to the other until all the stains have been dealt with? This will reduce your chances of dirt being brought back into your home by your cleaner or people walking on your carpets later in life.

5. Inject steam

Ask the professional to inject moisture into your carpets using their truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. This will help to loosen some of the dirt in your carpets, making them easier to remove and making the whole process more efficient and less time-consuming.

6. Use the suitable extractor

Your cleaner needs to use an extraction system that sucks up all the fluids and chemicals they have used to treat your carpets on completion of their job. If the vacuum system isn’t good enough, please ask your cleaner for a portable extraction kit that you can borrow and use in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner after vacuuming has been completed.

7. Rinse the extractors

In most cases, the extractors will be left dirty, so it is important to rinse them thoroughly. Anyone can carry out this process, but a professional cleaner must return your carpets to their clean state.

8. Adopt a ‘whole house approach

Try to maintain your carpets as much as possible throughout the year, using these tips and tricks at regular intervals. Doing this will make you less likely to have these stains return in the future as they have been dealt with during the cleaning process.

Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick? – Conclusion

Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick?

You don’t know what lurks in your carpets. Microbes, bacteria, and mold can live on your flooring; if not removed, these microscopic enemies will attack you or the fabric of your home. To avoid sickness spreading through the family, a carpet cleaner must sanitize your carpets professionally every 12-18 months.

By adopting these eight carpet cleaning tips, you will be surprised at how fresh and clean your carpets feel, making it more pleasant for your family to walk across them and perfect for entertaining guests. We hope you enjoyed the article – Can Not Cleaning Carpet Make You Sick?

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