10 Window Cleaning Tips (Updated)

Looking for the best window cleaning tips? The majority of the professional window cleaners have their methods for getting the job done in the best possible way. It is a fact that some detergent plus a bucket of cold water will prove to be useful when it comes to window cleaning; however, there are certainly other methods that you must follow to make the windows get an attractive smudge-free finish.

Beautiful windows will enhance the overall value of your house significantly. It has been found that the majority of the professional window cleaners do not spend much time polishing the windows since it might end up leaving more smudges in the long run. In the following paragraphs, we have provided some practical window cleaning tips that will come of use to you in case you are a newbie.

1. Start by vacuuming

Start by vacuuming
Start by vacuuming

It is imperative to make some preparation before beginning the cleanup process, which will reduce the amount of scrubbing in the long run. Make it a point to use a vacuum cleaner before using the cleaning solution, and vacuum almost everywhere including the window corners, the windowsill, and the screens.

Vacuuming will help to prevent the dust and debris which accumulate around the window frame from streaking the glass while cleaning. For this, it will be prudent to use a cotton swab that has been moistened with some vinegar to clean any dust hiding in the corners.

2. Try not to wash the windows on sunny days

Window cleaning
Window cleaning

Cleaning the windows on sunny days will not give you the perfect result since while the cleaning solution is applied to the warm glass, the hot windowpanes will make the liquid dry rather quickly, leaving streaks behind. Instead, make it a point to do this task of cleaning windows on the cloudy and overcast days since the temperature is not much high at these times.

3. Squeegee: the perfect tool for the task

A squeegee happens to be the number one tool for window cleaning in many parts of the world. First of all, make use of a 10-inch to 12-inch squeegee for performing the delicate washing. Otherwise, go for an improperly-sized squeegee for any skinny window to get a custom-fit. In case a window is a bit too high, make it a point to attach an extension pole to the squeegee.

4. Clean the windows regularly

Clean the windows regularly
Clean the windows regularly

It will be easier to make your windows look elegant provided you clean them daily. Although many individuals believe that windows should be cleaned only twice a year, they can get dirty because of rain, sun, and wind, thus spoiling your residence’s overall appearance. In most cases, make it a point to get the job done at least once a month to ensure that the windows are clean and gorgeous at all times.

5. Choose the proper window cleaner

It is not imperative to go for a special glass cleaner although a nonabrasive cleaning solution will do the job for you. In all probabilities, you already do have a cleanser at your residence which is quite keen to accomplish the task correctly.

For instance, put several drops of liquid dish soap in a container full of warm water, and this will prove to be useful while cutting through the dirt and grease in different parts of the windows. Bear in mind that the more cleanser you use the better.

6. Use it with a soft cloth for drying

Go for a microfiber cloth or better reuse soft and often-washed apparel or even a crumpled newspaper for drying and buffing your window glass to get a streak-free finish. Use a clean and dry cloth for wiping the windows to catch any soapy residue or droplet which might still be present.

Soft cloth on window clean

7. Go for home-made and non-toxic glass cleaners

Although a home-made glass cleaning solution can help to produce sparkles similar to that of a chemical cleaner, there is no need to worry about the damaging poisonous chemicals present in it. You can prepare the home-made cleaning solution by blending distilled white vinegar with warm water in identical proportions, which will remove streaks from the window and break down any grease or residue present on the window surface.

8. Use toothpaste for polishing

You will come across toothpastes on the market which consist of baking soda that can be effective for polishing out small scratches. The technique is also quite simple given that you simply need a tube of paste along with 3 clean clothes. After applying some toothpaste to a soft piece of cloth, rub the scratch gently in a circular motion for approximately 30 seconds. Following this, use a moist cloth for wiping the area, and finally dry it using a lint-free piece of fabric.

9. Make your washing technique perfect

Start cleaning your window using a squeegee which happens to be one of the best tools for window cleaning. There are also other different techniques out there which you ought to implement correctly. You will come across plenty of tutorials on the Internet regarding window cleaning which you can watch without paying anything.

10. Prevent rainfall

You will come across many countries where there is a lot of rain throughout the year, and in that case, it would be sensible to make use of a rain-repellent treatment for the windows. The specialty spray products intended for the car windshields will prove to be useful for making the water bead up and roll off the windows easily. Consequently, there will be fewer stains in the long run.

In case you find it difficult to clean the windows on your own, you can come in touch with a professional window cleaner in your area that can do the job flawlessly and quickly. Go through the online reviews from the past users to get some idea regarding which window cleaning company is going to be appropriate for your requirements. Preparing beforehand will help you to avoid lots of problems in the future.

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