Things To Avoid When Cleaning Toilet

Cleaning a toilet is a habit practiced by every household to make the restroom as clean as it should be. As such, it is always important to ensure that you use the best methods and detergents to clean the toilet. Are your surest ways hygienic enough to drive away all the germs? Well; below are the things to avoid when cleaning toilet to add up your microbe killing mission:

• While flushing, do not leave the lid open. This could be the onset of harmful microorganisms culminating the room. This is a common mistake a lot have gone ahead to assume. According to credible researches conducted, it has been proved that indeed germs can survive in the atmosphere for a long time to the point of breeding in dark, dirty corners of the space. This can be proved further, the pressure involved with flushing sends some water carrying germs splashing out of the chamber and contaminating other objects not intended for. In the end, the bacteria multiply rather than decreasing because of the open getaway that facilitates its increment.

• Desist from using harsh abrasives with presumption that it will be free from stains and germs. It poses more harm than good. They will lead to corrosion of the toilet floor and even the toilet bowl itself. With its continuous use, the toilets surfaces gradually take on a faded and bumpy appearance and later on become the bacterial den. It is not only the toilet that suffers the damage but also the cleaner. If he or she does not take the necessary precaution, it will lead to severe injuries. Therefore, avoid coming into direct contact with the chemicals while cleaning the toilet. Put on a preventive attire to keep away the strong, dangerous components in the toilet cleansers. Having said that, don’t leave chemicals spilling all over the room.

• A toilet is a place to ease her not a storage space. The more items there are, the harder it will be to eradicate microorganisms. Do not store your toiletries in the toilet room hoping it will be easier to find and use them. With time, the moisture in the place hooks up with the products surfaces forming what could be the best habitat for germs because of the dirt that accumulates over time. Avoid stuffing them in the toilet since it will also prove harder to clean the vulnerable environment now that there are hideouts for germs and you won’t be able to clear them out in a day.

• When cleaning a toilet, leave out every gadget on the table or somewhere other than the toilet itself. It never hurts to take a break from snap chat and concentrate on keeping the place clean and tidy. Scientists have proven that cell phones could also harbor germs if exposed to a germ stricken place. What’s the point of washing hands and getting back to the dirty phone that is already infested with the disease causing organisms? This habit is detestable and should never be practised.

• While cleaning a toilet; avoid mixing detergents. Some detergents are very corrosive when brought together which is why they should never come in contact. A lot of people think that cleaning detergents mixed together will be more effective and in so doing; will ease the task of cleaning using the new found method. You never know how much harm could be brewing following the experiment. Some of the sites recommend such ways without carrying a research on the level of toxicity involved. Never take into consideration such ill advice from uncertified personnel who care not.

• Do not let your toilet act as a refuse point where you get to flush anything other than your poop. Doing so while cleaning might lead to other complications not prepared for like drain blockage. Some things like wrappings should never be let through the toilet flush since it might go ahead to block the pipe leading the used water through to the sewage collection point.

• While cleaning a toilet, don’t go ahead and try to examine the toilet parts simply because you are trying to ascertain every part is intact. Don’t act as Mr. Right and let the professionals do their job. If you try to venture into the plumbing industry using your model, it might lead to trivial problems which will later on cost a lot more due to your intervenience. Save yourself the trouble of having to experience such and let a plumber take control.

• Avoid toilet freshener balls at all cost. They sure seem very nice with its pleasant fragrance. Let not that blind your eyes from seeing its disadvantage of using them. With their ball-like shapes, some might prove hard to disintegrate and later on block the toilet from cleansing. The chemicals used to manufacture the balls could also damage the inner parts of the toilet like wearing them out.

• Cleaning a toilet doesn’t mean leaving out the wall hangings, curtains or roller blinds and any object found in the room. Thorough clean every object to ensure that the whole place is disinfected with no lingering germ going scot free. The aim is to get rid of all the harmful organisms that could be taking refuge in the tiny room awaiting any host for a higher survival rate. Don’t shift your cleaning away from the dark, tiny crevices since that is where they like most.

• One should never neglect the toilet floor while disinfecting the toilet bowl. That also makes up the toilet room and just like the toilet itself, it could be with a lot of germs. Cleaning it too helps leave the whole place smelling fresh and looking clean. However, some cleaners contain chemicals that are incompatible with the toilet floor material which is why it safe to consult an experienced professional before taking matters into your own hands. It is a bad idea to explore without thinking of its consequences.

With the above don’ts, be rest assured of a germ free zone that will get you enjoying a clean toilet all through the season. It all takes sanitation to be safe from microorganism related diseases which has claimed lives of many children and is still a big issue in today’s world. Luckily, some awareness campaigns have come up to sensitize the population on the importance of clean toilets.

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