Spring Cleaning Before Selling Your House

Spring cleaning the house before selling it is not only a good ethical practice; it also uplifts the value of the house. Take a few days off and clean your house well so that it acquires a fresh and a neat look. Spring cleaning is carried out the spring season in countries as the sun is bright and shiny. Though Singapore has no spring season, the metaphor stays for thorough cleaning of the house.

Some spring cleaning tips before selling your house:-

It is advised to get your floor tiles/marbles cleaned professionally. The corners and edges of the tiles should be vacuumed to draw out all the settled debris. The carpets must be steam cleaned and the wooden floors have to be treated and cleaned with wood cleaning products. Check for molds and other allergic agents and get them removed out of your vicinity.

Home walls have dust, grease, and dirt accumulated over them. Get a wall cleaner and scrub the walls squeaky clean. Moreover, if you are easy on the budget, get a fresh coat of paint done on the walls from a reliable painting agency in Singapore. The ceilings should be taken care of. If possible, get the peeling flakes and chipped paint scrubbed off the walls. While washing the walls, start from the top corners and work your way to the bottom. This way all the dripping marks can be removed while moving downwards. Also, do take care of the popcorn ceilings. People do not prefer it these days and therefore the sellers should get them removed. It could diminish the monetary value of the house.

Windows and glass:
Though your house might look clean, potential buyers could check on the window panes and the glass fittings to check for stains and dirt accumulation. Make sure to rub them clean with a good-quality glass-cleaning solution. The windows fittings should be rust free and easy to maneuver. Oil the hinges to make them easy to handle.

Ward off the stench:
There are certain corners of the house that stink. Furnaces, air conditioning vents, storage lofts, refrigerators, microwave, cleaning sink in the kitchen and bathroom. They have to be cleaned well. Use warm water and a cleaning solution to clean your microwave and refrigerator. Keep activated charcoal in the refrigerator as it draws the entire odor. Clean the drip tray. Vacuum the coils, grates, condensers and clean the vents thoroughly. Open them and leave them for a while to let odor escape. This mechanism also reduces the instance of molds and germs in the house.

Clean the bed:
Vacuum your mattresses to remove all dirt and smell. Flip them to give the mattress a better look. Open your windows and let in some fresh air. Try and get some sunlight so that the mattresses get disinfected. Clean the accumulated dust in the corners of the bed. Follow the same regime with all the mattresses in the house.

The buyer could pay extra attention to the bathroom of the house and this could be the deciding factor. Get the floor and the walls scrubbed thoroughly with a cleaning solution. Scrub the corners of the tiles where dirt might have settled and clean the floor scum. The corners of the bathroom, behind the fixtures, are often difficult to reach. Clean these areas and ensure that there is not mold present. Caulk the sink, tubs, and commodes and check for leakages. Get the leaking pipes and fixtures repaired on a priority basis. Rust clean the fixtures and fittings to give them a new look. If the drain pipes and wash basins have clogging issues, they need to be attended to as well. Clean the toilet seats and hinges properly.

Vacuum the sofas, mattress pads, mats, carpets, and curtains to remove dust, germs, molds, and allergens. A dash of sunlight is the perfect disinfecting agent. This makes the home environment healthy and positive. A clean and healthy home is always inviting and buyers will feel the positive vibes on entering you home. If the upholstery has liquids spilled on them, scrub them off. If things do not work out at home, take the help of a cleaning agent in Singapore who will clean your rugs, curtains, and sofas clean. The cleaning process starts with a good vacuuming of the upholstery. It should be followed by stain removal. Stain removing solutions are available in the market. You can make you handy solution of vinegar and water at home. Though stains are best tackled right when they happen, you can try your hand at removing them while spring cleaning. For upholstery where W or Ws is mentioned, siding is a good option. Prepare some soapy water in a bucket and take a soft cleaning brush and wipe clean your materials.

Closet, doors, and accessories:
The light fittings, fans, door knobs, and other electrical appliances that will stay in the house, should be checked and cleaned. The wardrobes and closets should be wiped clean and treated with anti-termite solutions. Get the doors and wardrobes polished to make them look neat. Oil the hinges of the door and check for rusted fittings.

Clean and polish the surface of the kitchen slabs and floors. Take special care of the corners, tiles edges, and hinges. Get a pest control treatment done if necessary. The microwave, kettles, stoves, dishwasher and other appliances in the kitchen have to be scrub cleaned with appropriate cleaning solution. A homemade solution of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice cleans of tough stains and residue on the heating appliances. Wash off the walls to remove the grease and oil. Get them painted if possible.

If the house is on the ground floor in Singapore, and you have an open area surrounding the house, get it cleaned thoroughly. The garden hedges and grass should be trimmed and the plants must be lined well. Take care to get any unwanted plantations removed. The yards must be neat and look appealing. This is the first impression the buyer will get and make sure that the entrance of the house should be attractive.

With these tips, you are sure to get your house spick and span in no time. Spring-cleaning will add an appeal to your house and make the home look comfortable and warm. Buyers will be impressed with the upkeep of your house and get ready to pay the correct price for your house.

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