Eco-Friendly Green House Cleaning (Updated)

Eco-friendly practices are those who cause little to no harm to the environment. Eco-friendly may also be considered “green” or environmentally friendly. The house cleaning using an eco-friendly route takes responsibility for the protection of the environment. They may do this by using natural cleaning products that contain little to no chemicals and are biodegradable.

They may use microfiber towels to clean your home instead of paper products. This creates less impact on the environment because they are reusable and not going right to a garbage dump. The end goal of eco-friendly practices is to do what’s best for the planet; in the end, that also happens to be what is best for you.

Easy Ways to Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning in the Home

Mixing vinegar with baking soda
Mixing vinegar with baking soda

One of the most basic ways to use eco-friendly cleaning methods is to stop using chemicals in cleaning. It is not uncommon to have a shelf full of chemicals used to keep the home clean. Examples of these are furniture polish, disinfectants, and cleaners. Instead of using the commercially available ones, try using home remedies such as vinegar and baking soda to clean the home.

Make your great all-round cleaner with one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of Borax, mix with 2 cups of boiling water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Usually, these work just as well as other cleaners and are safe to use even when there are children and pets. 

Sustainable cleaning involves the proper disposal of waste products. Batteries, chemicals, and oil should not be thrown in the trash or poured down the drain. They can cause the waste stream to be polluted.

Instead, call local recycling centers or the city government to find out about disposable options. Most communities have at least one household hazardous waste pickup scheduled annually. My local council does this quarterly. 

Also, choosing to package more wisely helps the environment. Instead of purchasing small items, buy them in bulk to lessen the containers. This will reduce the clutter found in the home and help reduce the amount of trash placed in the landfills.

As much as possible, choose cleaning products that are packaged in recycled or biodegradable containers. Being eco-friendly does not solely focus on the content but also on how they are presented. 

When cleaning the bathrooms, garages, and driveways, do not liberally use water. Instead of keeping the water running, use a bucket to conserve water. Whenever possible, recycle the water used for cleaning. For example, the water used to clean the car can wash away the dirt that accumulates in the driveway.

A rainwater collection system can also be an effective and cost-efficient way of having enough water to do simple household cleaning tasks. One of the best eco-friendly cleaning tips is to place plants indoors. Plants have been known to reduce the levels of indoor air pollution.

They also provide the area with more oxygen for better health. Instead of looking into air purifiers that can increase energy consumption, indoor plants can conduct the cleaning naturally.

Products Include

Cleaning with lemon
Cleaning with lemon

Discover the Benefits of Lemon

To find a perfect cleaning agent, you don’t have to look further than your fruit rack. Who would have guessed that lemon could be used for anything other than lemonade or seasoning dishes with fish? But, as our elders knew a long time ago, lemon is indeed a powerful cleaning agent. If you decide to implement it in your cleaning routine, you could easily replace all the chemical-based products.

The best thing about lemon is that besides all antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it also smells great. Clean your microwave by slicing a lemon and putting the pieces in a bowl filled with water. Heat the bowl in the microwave for one minute to kill the bacteria and deodorize it. Wipe the microwave with the cloth, and you are done with the cleaning.

Return shine to your copper pans by dipping half a lemon in salt or baking powder. You will be surprised by how effective that method is. You can clean your chopping board in just a few seconds by rubbing a slice of lemon across it.

Use Baking Soda

Using baking soda for cleaning
Using baking soda for cleaning

Baking soda is a cleaning miracle from your pantry. You will hardly go cheaper than using baking soda when cleaning. It has different purposes that will make the cleaning process a lot easier. Say goodbye to the whole shelf of different chemical-based products. Baking soda is the most common product that you can use as a scouring agent.

It can remove tough dirt, stains, and molds. Just mix baking soda with liquid detergent, and you will have an all-around house cleaner you can use. Baking soda is also ideal to use if you want to remove tough dirt on the carpet, stuffed toys, and pillows. This is also non-toxic and will not burn your skin.

You can use it as a carpet cleaner because it quickly neutralizes odors. Sprinkle it on the carpet, vacuum, and you will get rid of all the nasty smells. Did you know that baking soda can dissolve dirt and grease in the water?

Create a water baking soda liquid solution and use it as an all-purpose cleaning product. You can even use it instead of fabric softener when washing clothes. It will remove all the odors and also soften your clothes.

Vinegar: A Versatile Cleaning Agent

Vinegar cleaning solution
Vinegar cleaning solution

Vinegar is the most versatile cleaning agent you can use. Pure distilled vinegar is an effective disinfectant, deodorizer, polisher, cleanser. You can use vinegar to clean tough dirt and grime in sinks, bathroom tiles, and tubs, remove stubborn stains, clean and deodorize ovens, microwaves, and coffeepots, buff cloudy windows and mirrors, polish and restore the shine in copper and brass wares, and more.

Vinegar is also cheaper than any other house cleaning product. Mix vinegar with water and regular liquid detergent, and you will be able to clean and disinfect all types of surfaces in your home. 

There are many other eco-friendly house cleaning products you can use. Using these products to clean your house, you are not exposing yourself and your family to toxic substances. You are also contributing significantly to environmental protection if you use eco-friendly house cleaning products.

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