Some Toilet Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Usually, it is claimed by many people that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. While we would agree that the kitchen is generally the focal point of any home, the toilet is a very close second. To ensure that your toilet remains clean and devoid of any harmful particulates that can make you and your family sick, here is a list of convenient, reliable, affordable and safe cleaning tips for people who want to enjoy a toilet that sparkles with freshness.

All that you need to complete the job

Rubber gloves

It is recommended colour-coding your rubber gloves to suit their designated room. For example, you might want to use white gloves in the toilet, and blue ones in the kitchen. This will ensure that you keep harmful toilet germs away from any cutlery or cooking utensils.

A toothbrush
Toothbrushes come in handy for a number of different cleaning jobs, but it’s important to dedicate one to the toilet to ensure you don’t cross-contaminate. You might want to colour-coordinate this in the same way you did your rubber gloves.

All-purpose cleaner
Homemade varieties are fine – use whatever is convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Paper towels
You can also use rags, but if you do, ensure that you are mindful of any cross-contamination. Any soiled clothes used in the toilet will need to be washed immediately.

Other requirements you should remember are the toilet bowl cleaner of any commercial, brand and the toilet bowl brush. All these are essential to make your job simple.

The Process of cleaning 

First and foremost, grab your all-purpose cleaner and spray your toilet from top to bottom, making sure you get the seat and lid. Ensure you don’t forget the toilet base.

Next, grab the toilet bowl cleaner and put it under the rim. Starting with the cleaning spray allows things to soak, eliminating the need for any elbow grease.

Now wipe up all surfaces covered in the all-purpose cleaner. Change your paper towel often to avoid spreading germs. Use the toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas like the toilet seat’s hinge.

It’s time to put your toilet bowl brush to work. By now, you’ve let the bowl cleaner sit, which means any lime or hard water spots have begun to soften. Your toilet bowl brush should cut through these stains without issue.

Flush the toilet and hold the bowl brush in place, allowing it to rinse off. To dry, pin the handle of the brush between the porcelain and the toilet seat, with the head over the bowl itself.

For instance, if you have noticed that your faucets appear a bit foggy then you can clean them by wiping them off and then by swabbing them with some vinegar. Next, take a vinegar soaked paper towel or piece of cloth and wrap it around your faucet. Wait about an hour or so and then remove the paper towel or piece of cloth, giving your faucets one last rubdown with a clean towel. If performed properly your toilet faucets should gleam like new.

As for the doors, they are often breeding grounds for copious amounts of residue as well as soap scum. You can clean them effectively by simply rinsing and wiping them after you have stepped out of the shower. Get into the habit of doing this every day and you likely won’t have to worry about soap scum or grime buildup on the doors for a very long time. You are also recommended that you use some lemon oil to get rid of soap scum on your doors. Then, apply the lemon oil to your shower doors about once a week to prevent soap scum and residue buildup in the future and you’re set.

In addition, you can take care of hard water accumulation on your toilet tiles by using a tile cleaner. The tile cleaner should also take care of any soap grime. The final step to take care of your bathroom tiles is to buff them using a dry cloth after adding some paste wax. This last step is highly recommended as it will help prevent water spot formation in the future; reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your toilet tiles.

It is also recommended that you invest in a few disinfectant products in order to kill germs in just a few minutes. In fact, virtually any surface in your toilet can be sanitized with some disinfectant like at least 2 to 3 minutes is all the time that is required to remove up to almost all of nasty germs. Keep one close just in case some guests show up unexpectantly and you shouldn’t have any unpleasant surprises to deal with.

Some items are more challenging to clean up than others. It is a great concept to pretreat these sections. You have to place commode bowl cleanser or bleach into the toilet and let it sit when you clean other parts of the room. If you have minute fungal hyphae in the shower area or bathtub, spray it down with the bleach remedy or a mildew removal product and let that sit as effectively. This will develop some of those stubborn stains a little simpler to clean.

And lastly is to place a reed diffuser that emits wonderful scents in your toilet and to empty your garbage bin. The final step is to spray a cloth with some water and vinegar and wipe your toilet baseboards and floor until they shine like new. Also, please note that if you have several toilets in your home that you should focus on your guest toilet when it comes to cleaning before guests arrive. In other words, you can save time and energy by making your main toilet off-limits to guests.

Maintaining your hygiene is important and you should do your best to maintain your toilet clean. This is all the essential steps you should undertake to ensure you always keep the toilet clean and also your hygiene. Why do you hesitate to try this? Make your stay better in a clean environment.

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