7 Mistakes To Avoid On House Cleaning After Renovation

What are some of the common mistakes to avoid on house cleaning after renovation? House renovation is normally a stressful undertaking in Singapore and house owners are very relieved when it’s completed successfully.

It is even more tedious when you are living in that house during the time of renovation. Whether you are doing a minor or major house renovation you can be sure that everything will be left dirty when the process is completed.

There are waste particles, stains, and dust in all corners of your house that need to be cleaned up to make your house a comfortable place after renovation. However, we all know that building and renovation activities are very demanding and therefore the fact that your house will be left dirty after renovation is not an excuse to live in a house that is in a bad condition.

All you need is to prepare adequately and hire professional cleaners from reputable companies to clean your house after renovation. However, there are seven major mistakes that you should avoid on house cleaning after renovation. 

Cleaning after renovation

1. Cleaning the house by yourself 

Almost everything in your house is dirty after house renovation and there is a need to hire professional house cleaning services unless you are a professional house cleaner yourself in all areas. There is dirt on the floor, ceiling, walls, carpet, curtain, bedrooms, toilet, roof, and cabinet among other items that need to be cleaned. It is obvious that you are not a jack of all trades to clean everything.

Therefore even if you are a professional carpet cleaner you will need someone to clean your ceiling. Some house owners in Singapore choose to clean their houses after renovation by themselves to save money and end up with poor results. It is good to spend some money on professional house cleaning services and give your house an outstanding look after renovation.

2. Failure to ask the specialization of cleaning companies when hiring them

It is worth noting that not all cleaning companies offer full package cleaning services in Singapore. There are some companies that only specialize in curtain and carpet cleaning services, toilet cleaning services, and compound cleaning services among others.

It is therefore important for house owners to ask for the specialization of the cleaning company they want to hire to clean their house after renovation. Always go for companies that offer full package cleaning services especially after renovation and other major house cleaning activities. 

After renovation cleaning
After renovation cleaning

3. Hiring a cleaning company based on its pricing

It is a common practice among Singapore house owners to get house cleaning services from companies that charge low cleaning fees. However, it is worth noting that house cleaning after renovation is a mega one and you need to consider the ability of the company to give your house a new look after renovation. You need to consider if the company you intend to hire has the required tools, equipment, and well-trained staff. 

4. Failure to check the track record of the company you want to hire

The fact that a cleaning company is impressing on goggle search and in adverts does not qualify it as a reliable house cleaning company. As a house owner, it is therefore important to avoid hasty decisions when hiring house cleaning services after renovation.

Always check the review from previous customers and try to find out from the people who have used their services before. This way you will avoid becoming a victim of unreliable cleaning companies that might end up damaging your newly renovated house. 

7 Mistakes To Avoid On House Cleaning After Renovation
Mistakes to avoid on post renovation cleaning video

5. Hiring cleaning companies that do not give any insurance policy

Renovating your house in Singapore is quite expensive and it could be annoying to have your house damaged immediately after renovation. This could be a loss of money, time, and manpower.

However, some house owners in Singapore hire cleaning companies that do not have any insurance package simply because they charge cheaply. This is very risky because if your house is damaged during the cleaning process there will be no one to compensate you.

It is always wise to hire house cleaning companies that offer insurance cover in case of damage to avoid spending more money repairing your house after renovation. 

6. Ignoring contract signing with cleaning companies

Some house owners in Singapore are not keen enough to sign a service contract with a cleaning company they have hired to clean their house after renovation. This is actually a very big mistake. It does not matter how close you are with the cleaning company that you want to hire to clean your house, signing a service contract is very essential.

It is worth noting that your house is in a total mess after renovation to an extent that you cannot trace some items yourself. It is therefore important to ensure that you are in a written agreement with the company cleaning your house.

The contract highlights how you want your house to be cleaned and how long the clean process should take. A contract is very important because you can be in a better position to request a refund if the cleaning company fails to perform as stipulated in the contract. 

Post renovation cleaning service
Post renovation cleaning service

7. Not booking with your cleaning company in advance

This is another common mistake that house owners in Singapore do. It is a serious mistake not to book house cleaning services with the company you want to hire for post-renovation cleaning services. This could actually bring inconveniences to you and the cleaning company. It does not matter whether you are a regular customer to the company you want to hire.

House renovation is a mega undertaking and it is recommendable to book for cleaning services in advance. When doing house renovation you need to book for cleaning services at least two weeks before. Otherwise, you might end up getting disappointed as the cleaning companies try to fix you in their already tight schedule. 

The above seven mistakes are common among Singapore house owners seeking house cleaning services after renovation. House owners who make the above mistakes are not able to give their houses an outstanding look even after spending a lot of money on renovation.

They also end up dissatisfied with the services they get from cleaning companies due to their mistakes that could be easily avoided. It is advisable for house owners to avoid the above seven mistakes on house cleaning after renovation in order to get the expected result.

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