4 Worst Mistakes People Make In House Cleaning (Updated)

Cleaning is a routine that is practiced by several people. People have different ways of cleaning their houses. Keeping your house clean will ensure that your family stays healthy. Scouring and scrubbing are known ways to make a house look clean. However, did you know that there are house cleaning mistakes that you make when tidying your house?

These cleaning blunders will leave your home in a mess. You must know of the mistakes you may be made to protect your household items. Prevention is always better than cure. Knowing the mistakes beforehand will help you save on repair costs.

Well, here are the 4 worst mistakes that you should avoid when you are cleaning your house. You may have made these mistakes without knowing. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure that you maintain a clean house without putting much effort.

Scrubbing the stains in your carpet

Red wine stain on carpet
Red wine stain on carpet

What do you normally do when wine or juice spills on your carpet? What most people normally do is to scrub the stain off using a lot of force. This is the worst mistake to make when cleaning your carpet.

Scrubbing the stain off will make the strands to loosen and become untwisted. Not only will the strands get loose, but the stain will also spread onto the carpet. You will also make the stain to penetrate deeper into your carpet.

This will lead to permanent damage to your carpet. The correct way to clean your carpet is by using a spoon to scrape off the stain. The next thing to do is to use paper towels to absorb the spill. The paper towels should be white because colored ones will bleed.

Continue blotting until the entire spill has been fully absorbed. After the spill has been removed, you can use the carpet cleaner to obliterate the stain. Your carpet will last for a long time.

Using vinegar in cleaning most things around the house

Cleaning with vinegar
Cleaning with vinegar

There has been an increase in the use of natural cleaners over the years. Most prefer natural cleaners because they do not have chemicals. Natural cleaners are also popular because they do not harm the eyes and lungs. In as much as vinegar is a natural cleaner, it cannot be used to clean all things around the house.

Vinegar does not perform a good job when used as a disinfectant. This means that you should not use vinegar to clean counter-tops with chicken juice and your toilets. Apart from that, vinegar can also damage onyx, marble, travertine, and limestone surfaces. It will only make such surfaces dull.

You can use a vinegar solution to get rid of soap scum from ceramic tiles, fiberglass tubs, and showerheads. However, it would help if you only used neutral cleaners to clean natural stones. There are ways in which you can clean your natural stones to give them a shiny look.

Cleaning glass the windows when it is sunny

Cleaning window glass
Cleaning window glass

Do you love cleaning your windows when the sun is shining? In as much as this is the time you will notice handprints and streaks, you are making a big mistake to clean when it is sunny. The first thing that you will do in such a case will be to wipe your glass window.

You will be doing more harm than good to your glass windows. You will have made a mistake without even knowing it. The glass cleaner will dry fast, and your window will still be looking dirty. You will be able to clean out the hand-prints, but there will be streaks all over your glass window.

The best time to clean your glass windows is when it is cloudy. When cleaning, leave the glass cleaner for one minute and then use a sponge to rub the solution all over the window. You should make sure that you exact even pressure when cleaning to avoid the solution from dripping. This way, you will get a window that looks perfect from far.

Not using the right cleaning tools.

Using the right cleaning tools
Using the right cleaning tools

Not using the right tool is one of the mistakes most people make when cleaning. What do you normally use to clean your utensils? If you have been using a rag, it is high time to change it using a sponge. Using a rag will take a long time to remove the stain.

Green-backed sponges are suitable for cleaning a grill grate and pots. However, these sponges are not suitable for cleaning laminate, ceramic cooktops, and plastic. Unlike green-backed sponges, white-backed sponges are preferred for cleaning soap scum in bathtubs. The other mistake to avoid is in using an abrasive to wipe your cabinets.

They will damage your cabinet by leaving scratches. The right thing to do will be to use a soft sponge when wiping your cabinets. You should also make sure that you read the label on a product before using it on any surface. This will help you to prevent causing damage to your cabinets.

Cleaning is very tiring, and you would not want to finish only realizing that you have damaged your items. Cleaning is a continuous process, and you will definitely get better with time. As you can see from the above mistakes, there are some cleaning habits that you may have been doing that you should let go of.

This is because they are not as effective as they used to be. There are several mistakes that you may be making while cleaning. These are some of the worst ones that you should avoid. Not only will you get a spotless home, but you will also be able to maintain your stuff in good condition.

Cleaning your house well will enable you to save a lot of money in the long run. You will be able to maintain your stuff in good condition by avoiding these house cleaning mistakes. Go ahead and get a tidy home while maintaining your household items in good condition.

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