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With the hectic working life in Singapore, many Singaporeans do not have time to handle their daily household chores. Hence, there is a trend in engaging part-time or temporary house cleaner. Many people would also prefer to have their home cleaned by part-time house cleaner. The reason is simple. 

If you do your own household chores, time is very much consumed to it. With the aid of the house cleaner, you can plan your balance time wisely to have a little chill out session with your love ones or colleagues. 

Many people will be worried about the house cleaning rates to be costly. Let me tell you frankly, the money you paid for the house cleaning services will benefit you more in a way or rather.

Indeed, depending on your needs you require your house to clean, the rates and charges will varies. 

In this article, I will introduce you why the rates and charges of a house cleaning may have a different.

The main reason for the house cleaning rate and charges to be costly will be your size of the house. Ideally, lesser area to be cleaned, the lesser you pay. Seriously, if you are concerned on your budget, you may considered to corner out the area that you may need specific house cleaning thus to cut down some cost for you.

How often you engage on the house cleaning also affect your budget. House cleaning which is done once a week will be slight more expensive than house cleaning done every fortnightly. Rates and charges varied by how frequent you need the house cleaning in your house.

Certain House Cleaning Companies are specialising on certain extra out of house cleaning tasks. For instance, babysitting and taking care of elderly. Some house cleaning companies charge based of per hour basis for any labour. I would advise you to source around first before engage on a house cleaning deals, and you also can do a price comparison.

Providing your own cleaning material may also help you to reduce some materials cost that may incurred to you unknowingly. Ideally, if you supply the house cleaning materials to your engage house cleaner, you may able to reduce some materials cost. However, if you want to cut down the hassle of getting your own cleaning materials, you may ask your professional house cleaning company to provide you the necessary cleaning materials, there will be an additional cost to you.

To summarise, your negotiation skills does come in handy when you would like to see if you can get an ideal price from the house cleaning company. Always remember to do a price comparison from different house cleaning company. You never know which company will give you the best price and offers. Come on do engage a house cleaner now if you are having headache in doing your household chores.

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