18 Easy HDB Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use (Updated)

If you live in HDB apartment, it is required that you clean it regularly. Spring cleaning is a customary practice that lets you freshen up the house in preparation for the upcoming dry season. Here are 18 simple tricks that will make spring cleaning much easier, less tiresome, and more enjoyable.

1. Draw a spring cleaning plan
A spring cleaning checklist is necessary to ensure that all chores are covered and the house is clean. Your plan should include all the areas you are targeting to clean, the methods to be used, and the tools needed. It should also allocate time for the tasks.

Spring cleaning plan
Spring cleaning plan

2. Have all the materials ready and within reach
When cleaning your HDB unit, you will need various cleaning supplies such as dusters, glass cleaner, sponges, paper towels, rubber gloves, garbage bags, and vacuum cleaner, among others. Having the items ready beforehand will save time and make cleaning more effective.

3. Clean the house in sections
If you attempt to clean all parts of the house simultaneously, you will waste a lot of time and will not achieve the desired result at the end of the day. It is important to ensure that one room is clean and organized before moving to the next.

4. Use lemon juice to get rid of water stains
It is common to find hard water stains on tubs, shower fixtures, faucets, dishwashers, and glass surfaces, among other areas. Such stains are tough to remove, but with lemon, you can get the surfaces sparkling. Spray fresh lemon juice on the affected area, rinse after 10 minutes and wipe the area dry.

5. Use organic cleaning reagents
Some cleaning products are made using toxic compounds that are harmful to your health and the environment. Using cleaning products made from natural ingredients will keep you safe and make the rooms smell better.

6. Recycle usable waste items
Recycling is an eco-friendly practice as it reduces environmental degradation caused by haphazard disposal of waste. For example, containers can be decorated and used as pots for planting flowers. For items that you can’t recycle personally, such as electronics, you can take them to companies that manufacture new products from waste.

Recycle & Reuse
Recycle & Reuse

7. Clean small toys and stuffed animals in the washing machine
Hand washing all the toys can be tedious. The best way is to put them in a pillow or a laundry bag, tie it up with a fine wire piece, and then place it in the machine. However, please don’t use this method for toys with batteries or electronic parts to damage them.

8. Declutter the house for an appealing look
Before you start cleaning, it is good to reorganize rooms and get rid of accumulated clutter. You can sort all miscellaneous items into boxes and get rid of those no longer in use. The step also allows you to access and clean parts of the floor covered by disused items.

9. Remove hair from the couch using a rubber glove
It can be quite difficult to remove pet hair from fabric. To make the process easier, put on a damp rubber glove and run your hand over the surface as it will attract hair. When the glove is covered with hair, rinse it and repeat the procedure as necessary.

10. Salt to clean your iron
Grime and pieces of burnt fabric on your iron can stick on your clothes and even leave behind stains. To avoid this, pour some salt on your ironing board and iron it while the steam option is off. The dirt will stick to the salt, leaving the iron surface clean and smooth.

11. Clean screens, glass surfaces, and windows without leaving behind visible streaks
For screens, use a damp cloth dipped in a vinegar solution to wipe. Ensure the cloth is lint-free to avoid leaving fabric behind. For glass surfaces and windows, spray the surface with glass cleaner and use a soft cloth to scrub gently. Dry using a squeegee until the surface is clean. This will easily get rid of dust, grease, and fingerprints.

Clean window and glass surface
Clean window and glass surface

12. Toss away old toiletries
It is of no use keeping mildewy loofahs or brushes with frayed bristles. Chances are you no longer use them, so get rid of them to make your bathroom look fresher. Expired soaps, detergents, and toothpaste should also be thrown out.

13. Make use of some baking soda and vinegar to remove oil-based stains from the carpet
Soak the stain with vinegar and sprinkle a little baking soda. Wait for a few minutes, then wipe off the mixture and vacuum the carpet.

14. Deep clean the toilet
A dirty, stained toilet looks bad and harbors harmful bacteria. Squirt toilet cleaner around the sides and scrub with a toilet brush. Soak for some time, then scrub again.

Deep clean toilet
Deep clean toilet

15. Clean from top to bottom
The floors should come last after you have cleaned everything else, including walls. That way, you avoid shaking down dust onto areas you have already cleaned.

16. Check appliances that need repair
Since you will clean all the appliances, take this time to ensure that they are in good condition for operation. If not, call a specialist for servicing to avoid exposing yourself and your family to risks. You can, however, handle minor repairs on your own.

17. Have some form of passive entertainment while cleaning
You could listen to your favorite music, making the task even more enjoyable, especially if you don’t enjoy house chores. The music will keep you immersed in what you are doing, and you could take less time to complete the task.

Have fun while doing spring cleaning
Have fun while doing spring cleaning

18. Observe safety procedures during cleaning
Spring cleaning poses dangers such as accidental poisoning, falls, cuts, and other injuries. Some of the steps you can take to reduce risks include following safety precautions on cleaning products, wearing masks when cleaning dusty places, lifting heavy items with your back straight, and keeping the doors and windows open for proper aeration.

The above tips will leave your HDB unit sparkling. It is important to note that you can’t carry out the entire spring cleaning in a single day. It is advisable to spread out the chores over a few consecutive days during which you undertake smaller cleaning sessions.

Alternatively, you can hire cleaning services from a reputable cleaning company in Singapore. Call us if you need help in spring cleaning your HDB.

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