Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies

Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies – End-of-rental cleaning is a common practice in Singapore. Most of the tenants will find it their responsibility to leave the house in the same condition

Best Way To Spring Clean Bathrooms

What is the best way to spring clean bathrooms? Given that it is the messiest space in your house, bathroom spring cleaning takes much effort. That’s why less talk and

Part-time Maid FAQ

Wondering what are some of the Part-time maid faq here in Singapore? Read on to find out more! Part-time Maid FAQ – How much is a part-time maid in Singapore?

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide 2021

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide 2021 – End of tenancy cleans is hardly an exciting task in the world, but considering the financial repercussions it’s certainly a necessary one. You

NEA Approved Disinfection Service

NEA Approved Disinfection Service – As the cleaning industry intensifies its cleaning and disinfection services, NEA recognizes the importance of providing information on the safety of cleaning agents in general.

Which house cleaning tasks should be done daily?

What House Cleaning Should Be Done Daily?

What house cleaning should be done daily? Cleaning is the most important practice that each individual should adopt. Cleaning not only keeps the house neat and tidy but also helps

Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health?

Wondering is disinfection service harmful to your health? Disinfection service is the process of treating equipment or surfaces to reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms. This is done with the

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