July 3, 2012

Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Singapore

With the growing affluence of Singaporeans and increasingly busy schedules, laundry pickup and delivery service is gradually becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.   The growing affluence of the population means people are able and more willing to afford better quality clothing, household items and travel more.  This translates to […]
July 2, 2012

What is Laundry Dry Cleaning?

What is Laundry Dry Cleaning? Laundry drying cleaning is a process of using chemicals to clean the clothes. The word “dry” actually indicates the use of chemicals without water consumption. The chemicals used may contain harmful substances to the body so careful use of them should be observed. However, more […]
June 19, 2012

Overcoming Fear Of Hiring A Part Time Maid

Overcoming Fear Of Hiring A Part Time Maid It is quite annoying when you have so much work piling up at home and you could not spare any time due to the hectic work schedules at work- countless of meetings and clients to attend to. Cleaning up homes takes time […]
May 19, 2012

How to choose the right Part-Time Cleaner?

How to choose the right Part-Time Cleaner? It is actually essential for you to make sure that the cleaning within your house is frequently performed and that you are offering a healthy place for your loved one to live in. Nowadays, our time is often eaten up by work, study, […]
May 8, 2012

Why Not To Use Illegal Part Time Cleaner

Why choosing illegal freelance part time maid is dangerous?In the recent research, many foreign women employed as full-time maid in Singapore are illegally hiring themselves out as part-time maids. They would claim that only by hiring themselves out, they can earn more money to make ends meet and working part-time […]
April 28, 2012

House Cleaning Service There are many reasons to why people want to hire cleaners to their homes of offices. One of the most commonly known reasons would be- to have more times for other better things such as spending good quality time with family, busy with work schedules, starting a […]
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