Domestic Cleaning Services in Singapore

With most people leading a busy lifestyle these days, it really helps getting a helping hand with regard to household chores. House cleaning can be tedious and time consuming and can leave you tired and in a position of not being able to complete your important chores. You can count on the help of a professional domestic cleaner in Singapore for a reliable and high quality domestic cleaning service. This service has been established so as to help busy adults who engage in diverse professional engagements who don’t have enough time to do their household cleaning chores. The cleaning services providers also offer top of the range office cleaning services that meet or exceed every customer’s requirements.

A weekly cleaning package is for busy working adults who want to concentrate on their careers, achieve higher targets and move higher in the professional ladder. It is also an ideal option for those who desire to spend more valuable time with the people who matter most to them. You can be sure that the domestic cleaner you will get from us is well trained and have their background checked. They also take pride in their work and you can be sure that they will deliver more than your expectations. Our company is designed in a manner that strives towards customer satisfaction and meets the highly specific requirements of our highly esteemed customers.

Types of Services That We Offer

At House Cleaning Singapore, we are proud to present two types of services to our customers: spring cleaning and weekly house cleaning. Our weekly domestic cleaner services works towards taking care of your normal as well as standard house cleaning service. Our spring cleaning service is a one day house cleaning work that takes place on an agreed day and which aims to clean and clear your residence within a day. Among the professional cleaning assistance works that you can expect from our domestic cleaner include vacuuming, washing of your toilets, and dusting, mopping, and cleaning of windows and grilles and stove areas. You can provide clear instructions to our cleaning team with regard to which areas you want to be cleaned every week and will stick to those instructions to the latter.

Do We Charge A Replacement Fee?

No. We are here to offer a high quality professional service that meets your strict requirements. If at all you are not satisfied with the quality of services that we offer, you can let us know and we will arrange to have another domestic cleaner handle your requirements. At House Cleaning Singapore, we exercise due care and diligence to ensure that our customers, who are from diverse social and economic orientations are offered more than they asked for. We don’t charge a replacement fee, but our services meet the stringent requirements.

Why Choose Us As Opposed To Other Cleaning Companies?

  • We charge fixed prices that don’t include an agent’s fees
  • We put a lot of emphasis in the care of your house and because of this; we will try as much as possible to ensure that the same domestic cleaner is assigned to duties at your home regularly.
  • We are one of the few companies that offer comprehensive cleaning services in Singapore.
  • Our domestic cleaners are comprehensively insured and are trained to take care of diverse cleaning tasks.
  • Our cleaners understand how to ensure that your personal items are not damaged.
  • We charge you for the actual amount of time that we have worked. There is no lazing around by our domestic cleaners with the aim of prolonging the number of hours that we bill you.

Why Choose House Cleaner Singapore As Opposed To Freelance Domestic Cleaners?

We provide our customers with complete assurance that their preferred choice of a domestic cleaner will be available for all the home cleaning appointments that have been made with us. However, in case of unforeseen circumstances such as when the domestic cleaner falls sick, we make sure that a replacement is provided within the shortest time possible. And if you encounter a problem on your end, we ask that you inform us and we will commence an investigation immediately. You will not fail to take notice of the fact that our cleaners are always on time and will strive to deliver more than what call of duty requires.

Is Our Prices Pocket Friendly?

Our customers will always benefit with our pocket friendly costs. We provide a guarantee that all of our domestic cleaners are fully insured and are paid CPF. On average, we charge $20.50 per hour, which translates to just $82 per week. In this arrangement, we offer you four hours of thorough cleaning service every week. You can count on us to offer you the benefit of heavenly quality by at rates that you can afford. Count on us to deliver you real value for your money.

However, if you think that your house is too big that four hours per week is not enough, you can ask for more cleaning time. An additional per-hour-cleaner costs just $30. However, it’s imperative to understand that this service is arranged subject to the availability of a cleaner. Also of essential importance is to know that you are supposed to provide the cleaning materials, but if you cannot, we will supply you at $80 per set. If you want to rent a vacuum cleaner, you will need to make an additional payment of $30. However, it’s vital to know that there is a surcharge of 20% during peak periods such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya &Christmas. Our charges are clear and you can know what you will be paying for before you contract us.

We are aware of the value of your time and will want to help ensure that you spend more of your free time with your loved ones. We save you of the trouble by making sure that we take care of all your house cleaning chores. We also work tirelessly towards making sure that you have a healthy environment where you can work.

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