Why Should You Never Hire Freelance House Cleaner? (Updated)

Why you should never use freelance house cleaners? Singaporeans work really hard to provide for their family and make sure that their future is secured. Due to their tight schedule, it is almost impossible to tidy and clean the house without sacrificing something.

Good thing, some companies offer cleaning services to take away your worries regarding your “not-so-clean” home, and although there are freelance house cleaners, it is still safer to hire the services of a legitimate cleaning service. 

Aside from the Singaporean law regarding freelance maid service, there are other disadvantages (and dangers) of hiring a freelancer.

Part time maid
Part time maid

The Risks in Hiring Freelance House Maid

In most cases, homeowners don’t have the liberty of time to background check freelance house cleaners due to urgency. They refuse to get a legitimate cleaning company that can provide part-time maids because they thought that the companies charge more than they can spare.

As a result, the freelance maid wiped the entire house clean except for the kitchen sink – you can be in big trouble if you take chances on these maids. Yes, not all freelancers are like that, and if you are lucky, you will be able to hire someone who will obey your commands and instructions to the dot, but what if she became ill?

No one will replace her, and worse, she might need a couple of days rest before returning to her work. It is a big problem, but something like such will not happen with the cleaning service companies because they can send someone as a replacement anytime.

In case your freelance cleaner is injured (while working), you will need to shoulder all the expenses that will be incurred, which can be troublesome and, at the same time, costly. Companies that provide part-time maids or cleaners usually insure their workers under WICA or Work Injury Compensation Act. You don’t need to worry about anything in case some untoward incident happened.

Cleaner injury
Cleaner injury

You will never know if the one you will hire can really deliver the kind of performance you want unless you try her for a few days. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of work, you have no choice but to bear with it for a while until you find someone to replace your freelance house cleaner.

It is not that easy to find a replacement, but if you have opted to get the services from a legal cleaning company, they can immediately replace the cleaner without a minute to spare. 

Some part-time house cleaners might be good at doing the job assigned to them, but the risk factors involved are just too much. You work hard for your family, and every cent you earn must be for the welfare of your entire family. That’s why it is essential to make wise decisions before engaging yourself in certain things.

You might ask – is it safer to hire the services of part-time maids from a legitimate cleaning company? To be blunt, yes, it is much safer to get the services from a legitimate cleaning company like House Cleaner Singapore than the freelance house cleaners that can be very unreliable, dishonest, and can only give you tons of headache.

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