Why You Need A House Cleaner In Singapore

Looking for a house cleaning service in Singapore? Its residents have luxurious and elegant homes which are built with exquisite materials and fine finishing’s however most of them do not get the opportunity to maintain a clean home due to long working hours and some also have to go for evening classes.

On coming back home, little energy is left that is not enough to clean the whole house, do laundry or wash the dishes. Eventually, after two weeks or so, the chores will have pilled up so much that it will take about three days to do the cleaning.

To add up to that, not everyone is good at cleaning therefore the house might end up looking dirtier than before. Yes, most owners do have cleaning equipment but probably not all of them or the current ones in the market that produce excellent work and take a much shorter time.

I know the question that runs through most homeowners is; How am I going to get this whole house with all these rooms cleaned? No need to panic. This is the point where a house cleaner will be of great value and importance. 

House cleaning in Singapore
House cleaning in Singapore

There are many house cleaning companies in Singapore that can provide you with a house cleaner who will solve all your cleaning problems at home, leaving your house cleaner than before within just a few hours. This depends on the size of your house and the areas you would like to be cleaned.

A house cleaner’s sole purpose is to keep a house clean which means that even that stubborn stain that you have been struggling to scrub off will easily be removed by a house cleaner therefore more reason to get one today.

You may probably be thinking that they are very expensive since your house is too big or you have so much cleaning to be done but it will actually surprise you if you contacted house cleaning companies and inquired about their charges. They are very affordable, you just have to come to a mutual agreement. 

Professional house cleaning
Professional house cleaning

Here are a few things to consider in order to get the best house cleaner for yourself; 

Do research on House Cleaning companies

It is always best to know the different charges of different companies in order to do comparisons and pick the best one that suits you. Information can be found on their websites and while at this, look at their credibility, customer feedbacks, and reliability. No personal appearance to the company is required as the best can be spotted just by looking online for the quality of their services. 

Ask a friend
Due to issues like trustworthiness and honesty, some clients will not prefer to get a house cleaner form a company. This is because they have access to all the rooms in the house that may include the ones with the safe, expensive jewels or anything worth a fortune to them. Therefore if you do not feel comfortable with a stranger in such a room, it is advisable to contact your friends and get the trusted one who always ceans their houses. 

Hire insured cleaners

In case of an accident during work, it is easier to handle a house cleaner who us insured than one who is not. An insured one will not make you incur extra costs of hospital bills however offering a helping hands to others in times of need is always a virtue. 

Check on experience

it is advisable to get a house cleaner who has an experience of at least an year. This is because un-experienced ones may tend to work at a slower pace baring in mind that charges of house cleaning are per hour. you will end up paying more than getting one who is experienced and will do the same work for a much less period of time. 

Weekly house cleaning service
Weekly house cleaning service

Use weekly service as compared to one-offs
Weekly services are much cheaper as compared to one-offs. This is because with weekly services, the cleaner is already familiar with the house since it is a weekly routine therefore less time and cost is incurred. however, with one-offs, it is a service only provided once that will consume more time as the cleaner is not familiar with the house. 

It is worth noting that not all services are charged per hour. Some are according to the square feet to be cleaned or the services to be offered. 

Having this in mind, there are a variety of services house cleaners provide which are listed below:

a) Laundry work which involves washing of all the dirty clothes in the house
b) Ironing of clothes that have been washed and are dried up
c) Cleaning the floors that include mopping and vacuuming
d) Clearing all rooms from dust
e) Wiping all windows and grills making them spotless clean
f) Cleaning the cooking area in the kitchen

In conclusion 

It is good to get that house cleaner to solve all your cleaning problems at home. With just an extra cost, you will have your house looking as good as new. You will not have to live with that dusty carpet that makes you sneeze every time you enter the house, your kitchen will no longer have to look like a messy hotel kitchen and neither will you have to look at that ugly stain in your toilet or bathtub again.

There are pet lovers who have been thinking of probably doing away with their pets due to the mud they bring to the house carpet or floor by constantly running in and out of the house. It doesn’t have to end with you throwing it or giving it away. You can still keep it and maintain a good house with just a weekly routine of house cleaning or whichever plan you may have in mind. You can say goodbye to that stain that you always see on your floor or toilet.

Dirty kitchen tops and rusty sinks will now be a thing of the past. Its time for you to get that house cleaner to solve all your cleaning problems at home.

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