Why More Hired Part Time Cleaners Than Full Time Maids?

For all the busy working class out there, imagine you are exhausted after a long hectic day at work, and when you enter your house, there is a massive pile of house chores, and the whole place is a total mess. Will you feel annoyed, irritated, lazy, and procrastinating? If yes, you should know the importance of hiring a part-time cleaner now. Why would I say hire a part-time cleaner and not a full-time maid?

Hiring a Part-Time Cleaner is different from a full-time maid. It means that you do not have to provide her with any lodging or food expenses; you would need to pay her according to the number of hours she worked for you. Isn’t this simpler? If you belong to this category of people who do not like strangers living under the same roof, hire a part-time cleaner. Another disadvantage of hiring a full-time maid is that, in the long run, it may cost even more because you have to cover all the expenses for her food and necessity.


Many cases have reported that full-time maids abuse your children at home or bring unwelcomed strangers into your house without their acknowledgment. After all these reports on the news, most of us no longer trust the credibility of those full-time maids. Yes, there may still be some good maids but only a minority. It is scarce to see local maids around; most are from countries like the Philippines or Indonesia. Many are installing CCTV in their homes because they are afraid the maid might abuse the child and things like that. Don’t you tire of putting your guard on, even in your home?

If you have elderly living under the same roof and their command of English is not that fluent, they may have difficulty communicating with the maid. The maids are not local; therefore, they need to understand Singaporeans’ culture and everyday habits. This results in making many mistakes, such as washing the clothes in the wrong manner and other more.

Part-Time Domestic Helpers and helpers are a whole lot more straightforward. You can apply for the long list of licenses and pay deposits and stuff like that. Call a part-time maid company, choose the date and time you want, sit back, relax, and see your house transform into a five-star hotel. Always source around before committing to any part-time cleaner company. Choose correctly, do your research, and choose only reliable Cleaning Companies that have been in the market for some time with positive testimonials. Pay as you use is one smart way to save your time and money.

We are not stereotyping full-time maids, but with all mentioned above, hiring part-time cleaners is still the best choice. It is the most efficient and fastest way to attain a clean, sparkling house with a limited budget and time. You do not have to be responsible for the cleaner compared to hiring a full-time maid.

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