Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Company?

Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Company?

With families going for dual income these days, cleaning of the home is mostly outsourced to others to ensure the cleanliness of the house yet giving the owners a chance to rest on their off days instead of having to allocate duties to each family member depriving them the opportunity to recharge or even to spend some quality family time together. Their home will be upkeep so that health will not be compromised by having to live in a filthy and pest infested house that the busy city dwellers have failed to maintain.

While we are spoilt for choices as to whether to use a maid, we need to also understand that there is hidden cost such as maid’s food and necessities incurred when one chooses to get a full-time domestic helper. Not to forget mentioning the upfront administrative fee one has to put up, one has to arrange a room for the maid to stay. When the maid is sick, there will be no others to replace her duties and employers need to pay the addition medical expenses for the maid. When a maid leaves, there is a window period when the family will lost the domestic help and there need to be an alternative arrange to ensure the cleaning of the house and other chores are completed in the absence of a new maid. If coordination permits, there might be an overlapping, double paying of wages for the handover of the new and the old maid, which to some employers are not a very ideal situation as well.

If one opts to have a regular freelance cleaner, similar problem arises when the cleaner is going away or when sickness renders her unfit for work. When she resigns, one needs to go hunting for a new cleaner and there will be a need to retrain or inform what the things to be done to the new helper one engage. Please be noted that, engaging illegal freelance cleaner, you are putting yourself in a risk of being fined.

However, if one chose a professional cleaning company, the above problem will not arise as the company would have a pool of well-trained helpers thus customer’s interest will not be compromised when any one helper is not able to tend to her duties. With a contract in place, a helper would be allocated to you and even if the helper is not a regular one, the company would have briefed them on the job scope, saving the home owners the necessity to teach and train the helper assigned. Details of the individual household needs would have been on record and if there is any feedback on the standard of work delivered, it would have been easier to speak to a company representative than to tell the individual helper who might take immediate offence to any suggestions or comments given.

In the event the company changes hands, the contract is still valid and the new business owner will continue with the contract thus there will be no lapse in the supply of a domestic helper. Have your made up your mind which suits you better? A Professional Cleaning Company or engaging a freelance cleaner or a maid is more appealing?

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