Where To Find One Time Cleaning Service in Singapore?

A Complete Guide To Locate A One Time Cleaning Service In Singapore


Looking for one time house cleaning service? Cleaning and maintenance work is a part of our routine work. However, sometimes the need arises when one time cleaning services are to be employed in addition to the usual routine cleaning. There are many professional cleaning services that offer one time cleaning when your schedule is too busy to accommodate house cleaning needs or when you are planning an event. They also come to your help in case of move in or move outs, spring cleaning, cleaning after events and when preparing a property for sale. One time cleaning services of your property will in fact surprise you as they are affordable and painless indeed.

Types of services encompassed under one time cleaning:

One time cleaning services can comprise of prompt and comprehensive overall deep cleaning of all your kitchen appliances, bathrooms, carpets, walls, doors and gates, window sills, mirrors, sliding doors and light fixtures. One time cleaning services also cover vacuuming or sweeping the floors, mopping the floors, dusting the furniture and entire cleaning of kitchen. Cleaning the kitchen includes tidying up of the floors, stoves, sinks, counter-tops, cabinets and kitchen wall tiles. Cleaning of bathrooms incorporates spotless cleaning of toilets, wash basins, bath tubs and bathroom wall tiles.

Where to find one time cleaning services in Singapore:

1. There are a wide range of professional cleaning companies in Singapore specializing in a multitude of services. Internet is the best place to find reliable, trustworthy and reputable one time cleaners in Singapore. Venture into the web and a simple search gives you an access to a wider collection of one time cleaning services in Singapore. A thorough research will help you locate an agency which is equipped with professionally trained and experienced cleaners who either specialize in domestic or office cleaning or both.

2. Their website will also give you an idea of their packages, offers and promotions. Make a comparison of a few cleaning companies and select the one that is affordable and suits your requirements.

3. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives who have recently utilized the services of professional cleaners. Based on the referrals you can choose a cleaning company that offers quality work at affordable rates. You can also personally contact them for further enquiries and details regarding the services rendered.

4. Take time to read the customers reviews online and the user testimonials to make sure that they have good reputation before finalizing the cleaning service agency.

5. One can also locate one time cleaning services in Singapore on Locanto and Singapore expats classifieds.

6. You can also locate a reliable cleaning service company in Olx, career jet and Anglo info which is a global expat network.


In today’s fast paced world the never-ending household chores seems to be a Herculean task. When you approach the services of a professional one time cleaner, their team will initiate the cleaning work and ensure that you get exactly what you need from their services. Their services are hassle-free, safe and designed to give you the peace of mind. With one time cleaning services you need not be bothered about household chores as they assure a spotless and a sparkling clean home.

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