What is Laundry Dry Cleaning?

What is Laundry Dry Cleaning?

Laundry drying cleaning is a process of using chemicals to clean the clothes. The word “dry” actually indicates the use of chemicals without water consumption. The chemicals used may contain harmful substances to the body so careful use of them should be observed. However, more environmentally cautious dry cleaning agents are being used now in the market.

People usually send their delicate clothes only for dry cleaning or clothes with lots of embellishments that cannot be washed easily with water and laundry detergents. Tuxedos, night gowns are popular dry cleaning items as they are worn with care and wringing of them is thus avoided that will damage the quality of such garments.

The process of dry cleaning goes like this:
First of all, clothes are placed in a dry cleaning washing machine using solvents for dry cleaning. Therefore the process is not completely dry but no water used instead.
Next, the clothes start to roll inside like normal clothes washing but with dry air directed into them to further cleaning them with care.

The dry cleaning process can be repeated for hard to manage clothes or stains that are still remained in the first run of it. So every time, the dry cleaning solvent will mix with clothes and slowly vaporized while clothes are being tended inside the dry cleaning machine.

Dry cleaning is meant to be used for prolonging the life span of your delicate clothes. Thus fading of colors and shrinking of clothes should not happen for any dry cleaning processes.

When customers collect their dry cleaning items, those clothes are covered with plastic to protect them but usually we are not told to remove them when we bring them home. These plastic covers accumulate moisture actually and the smell of the dry cleaning solvent may remain in it causing the clothes to fade in colors. After that, much care should be taken to hang them with more expensive hangers such as those solid curved oak or wood hangers contoured to keep your clothes long-lasting.

The discovery of dry cleaning method has a very interesting story; it was actually found by accident by a Frenchman in the 19th century. When this Frenchman, Mr. Jean Baptiste Jolly, first saw his clothes covered with kerosene by his maid unintentionally, instead of fearing the damage of the clothes, the spilled kerosene miraculously restored the clothes with amazing cleaning quality. Later on, the dry cleaning process and solvents used undergone several stages that slowly become what we have now in our modern society.

Nowadays, safer dry cleaning agents such as diluted carbon dioxide are used to protect our environment instead. So the frequent use of such dry cleaning solvents is not an issue for green lovers anymore.

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