What Are The Cleaning Services We Provide?

A clean home is a great investment. However, in Singapore, with the end-to-end work schedules and activities as people seek out their dreams, it is quite the struggle to find enough time to carry out required routine daily chores. That is why we’re here. We ensure the comfort and cleanliness of your home, freeing you to go by undeterred in your daily pursuits. We provide a vast range of services:

From Weekly Regular House Cleaning
It can be difficult juggling between your daily work commitments and ensuring that your residence is always clean, habitable and comfortable. Our house cleaning services are your solution. Our range of services is vast and covers numerous aspects of your home. We undertake the washing of all bathrooms and toilets and carry out the mopping and vacuuming of floors.

Acquiring and maintaining the services of a full time and round the clock maid can be a struggle and pose a problem for many. In addition, it would require lodging. But what of those chores that need to be done on a very regular basis? We are here for you. 

In addition to the already mentioned services, we, on a rotating basis, clean all grilles and windows and also press and iron your clothes for you. Furthermore, we clean all stove areas and ensure that your kitchen is at the most optimal of conditions. We also provide specialized services in office cleaning, in addition to air-con services and ad hoc cleaning.

As a client, one is to provide the materials and the products that will be used for cleaning. Why is this? Most people have the products they both prefer and trust. As such, this enables you to have only the cleaning products you want in your home. In addition, it reduces the cost of our services-another plus for you.

To Part Time and Hourly Maid Services
What if you are moving into a new residence? Or moving out of a house and you want to leave it sparkling for the new residents or you may want to sell it? Perhaps you may just require a part time cleaner on hour-by-hour basis. For these and more, we also have an incorporated one time cleaning service. The services rendered for these are by the hour, size of the place and consequently, number of cleaners required.

What of the case that you house is so big that our cleaners are not able to complete cleaning it in the time stipulated? This shouldn’t worry you. Your satisfaction being our priority, you can request for an extension of the cleaning hours. 

As the former, you will be required to provide the products to be used for cleaning. If you don’t have them, worry not. Among our services is the provision of cleaning materials, rated per set.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal
Our clients are very important to us. It is their satisfaction that has enabled us to grow our business through the years. We are committed to making you happy. Our services are provided efficiently and superbly and we work to be worthy of your trust. 

Our professionals ensure they maintain the highest of service standards. Try out our home or office cleaning services today and you will be sure to understand why our clients remain loyal to us.

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