Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies

Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies – End-of-rental cleaning is a common practice in Singapore. Most of the tenants will find it their responsibility to leave the house in the same condition it was when they moved in.

It is not only a moral thing, but it also ensures that the tenant gets the deposit back. That’s why, if you move out of your rented apartment, you need to hire a spring cleaning company. You are better off choosing from the 3 best companies that are reputable for their spotless top-to-bottom cleaning. This article makes you familiar with each of them.

1. Auntie Cleaner

If you ask a Singapore resident to recommend a spring cleaning service, there is a high chance he/she will answer Auntie Cleaner. This company takes pride in being on the market for a long time. They boast a lot of satisfied customers and impeccably clean properties.

With so much experience in end-of-rental cleaning, you never make a wrong decision by choosing Auntie Cleaner. They always make a point of sending the most skilled housekeepers to you. Actually, most of the employees have vast experience in end-of-lease cleaning.

They come to your place at a time convenient for you, so that they don’t interrupt your daily schedule. And are ready to provide the type of cleaning that you prefer. They specialise not only in regular cleaning, but also in top-to-bottom spring cleaning.

They come equipped with the most powerful weapons and clean each corner of the house to an impeccable condition. The company even has interior design experts. Their task is to ensure that the house looks its best before the next handover.

2. Absolute cleaning

Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies

Absolute cleaning is another reputable end-of-rental cleaning company. It provides breath-taking cleanliness to your house, increasing its value before you hand it over to a new tenant. One reason people eagerly choose Absolute Cleaning is the affordable pricing.

You get the highest satisfaction at a price you could hardly find anywhere else on the market. Another strong point of this company is a 24-hour customer service that is there for you to answer any question. You will have polite conversations with customer care agents who will help you find the best cleaning service for your house.

The experienced maids head down to your place at your preferred time and clean the property as quickly as possible. They are ready to provide a vast selection of services, including: aircon cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry, upholstery dusting and more.

You can rest assured that you will not end up with cobwebs and dust in a hidden area of your house. They clean every inch, leaving no track of dust while killing all bacteria with as much dedication.

3. Spring Cleaning Pte Ltd

This one is a new player on the market, with a full package of services for spotless spring cleaning. The company commits to providing affordable pricing and same-day service for the maximum convenience of the customer.

They boast a team of trained and dedicated housekeepers who never let you unsatisfied with the result. They are eager to perform a wide variety of cleaning chores to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

The maids use safe and effective products that leave no chance for dust and dirt to survive. You will be happy to see spotlessly clean carpets, like-new upholstery and shiny windows at the end of the cleaning.

They also promise to remove tough stains that spoil so much the appeal of the house. Given high-powered cleaning machines, the team works fast, making the apartment tidy quicker than you could imagine.

And they never leave an inch dirty, preventing you from cleaning the house yourself. Which is not what you would like to do, when you are a busy person, always struggling with a full schedule.

Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies – Conclusion

Top 3 End OF Rental Cleaning Companies

To conclude, to get a high-quality end-of-tenancy cleaning, you may want to choose a reliable company. If so, you can get Auntie Cleaner, which is one of the most reputable cleaning services in Singapore.

Alternatively, you can pick Absolute Cleaning or Spring Cleaning Pte Ltd. Either of them provides a full-range cleaning at an affordable price. Their hard-working maids will leave your house impeccably clean before handing it over to a new tenant.

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