Top 10 ways to Clean Curtains Yourself

Throughout the year, curtains hang around our houses doing their work, blinding. However, with all the right deeds, most individuals fail to show them some love by not cleaning them as needed. More often than not, cleaning of curtains is viewed as backbreaking. Therefore, most individuals opt to do replacements instead of cleaning hence costing them much. Without saying much, I will provide a few simple ways on how you can clean your curtains at the comfort of your home. Before we proceed, you have to check the curtain labels for manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your precious curtain for picking the wrong tip.

1. Vacuuming
Removing curtains for cleaning can be hectic at times based on their size. However, with vacuuming, cleaning is eased as one can do the task while they are still hanging. One should consider doing the vacuuming regularly, maybe once to thrice a week. The frequent act prevents the buildup of dirt which if allowed to add up may be a disaster in the coming days. To enable a smooth and successful vacuuming, one should ensure that his or her curtain has no fringes. Also, one should watch for too much pull with the vacuum otherwise the curtains may fall off the rod.

2. Shake off the dirt
We all understand how bothering dust can be on our amazing curtains. However, a thorough shake of the curtains can do away with the trouble while they are still hanging. The shaking should also be carried out on a regular basis, and this can save one a fortune and time. However, if the curtains appear dustier, it is advisable to release them from their poles and shake them from outside to avoid dusting the room during the process.

3. Use a lint roller
Mostly, curtains made of materials such as velvet can attract tiny fabric fibers. The annoying thing is that a vacuum cleaner cannot do away with all these small fibers. Therefore, in case you notice some small fabrics left after vacuuming, it is advisable to use a lint roller or brush to complete the cleaning task.

. Use a fabric softener
Use of a fabric softener is a conventional technique applied in many households to keep the curtains clean. The procedure is quick and straightforward as it sounds. One is only expected to wipe the fabric sheet over the curtain. Depending on the thickness of the curtain, the rubbing can repeatedly be done to allow complete removal of dust particles. The procedure should also be done in small portions to ensure that the whole piece gets cleaned. Often, the use of fabric softener is preferred as gives curtains a fantastic scent which is perfect for a happy household.

5. Steam Cleaning
In one occasion or another, we have had our drapes greased. Mostly, homes with small children fall victim to this awful act. We can’t blame our kids. They are innocent. We all understand the struggle of washing away the stains or greases from the curtains. Often, most of this curtains are laboriously fitted hence only professionals can remove them from their rods.

Does this mean one has to leave with greasy curtains while awaiting some professional assistance? No, with steam cleaning, one can do away with the oily patches using a handheld steam cleaner efficiently. The process should be carried out gently to avoid wetting the curtains. Besides, for a successful cleanup, one should steam the curtains in an organized manner to ensure that every piece of the curtain gets clean.

6. Use sprays to remove odors

One good thing about steam cleaning is the fact that it comes accompanied with a deodorizer. This deodorizers which come in the form of a spray can help much in doing away with the bad odors in the curtains. However, some of the smells are hectic, and the steaming procedure can’t flash them away.

Surprisingly, today, most local stores have sprays meant to wash away the bad odors that may come from the curtain. The sprays come in a variety of scents hence allowing to pick one that suits their taste. The sprays give the curtains a fresh smell which means an excellent smelling room.

7. Clean your windows like a pro

Often, our precious curtains get dirty while we are cleaning the windows. We all understand that the windows act as a hindrance to the dusty outside world. Hence, if not careful, all the dirt wiped out of the windows may end up landing on the curtains. Therefore, it is advisable that while cleaning the windows, one should apply extra caution to not to interfere with the curtain’s beauty. Also, while cleaning, one should watch out that he or she is spraying the washing cloth and not the window to prevent the cleaning agents from reaching the curtains afterward.

8. Hand washing

Although it might sound tiresome, hand washing can be more comfortable if done correctly. First of all, one has to understand that curtains come with their specific washing instructions. For example, curtains made of 100 percent should be hand washed. Therefore, one must be on the-know while hand washing since some curtains may shrink, hence ruining their sweet features.

9. Allow curtains to breathe regularly

Sounds funny, right? Yes, curtains also need to be shown some love by having some fresh air. Most of the odors coming from curtains are as a result of lacking sufficient air. Therefore, it is advisable to air your curtains regularly and after cleaning. The process allows free circulation of air hence a pleasant smell. Besides, the procedure also prevents the inhibition of moulds which are a threat to the beauty of your curtains.

10. Dry cleaning

Last but not the least is the dry cleaning method which is often used. Dry cleaning is efficient since it guarantees total removal of dust particles and grease stains. However, most individuals fail in this method for not understanding the dry cleaning procedure. Therefore, it is advisable to call for professional assistance while dry cleaning, otherwise you may end up ruining your expensive curtain.

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