Why People Are Switching To Part-Time Cleaner in Singapore?

Why People Are Switching To Part-Time Cleaner in Singapore?

Why more people are changing from full time maid to part time cleaner? If you look at your friends, family and colleagues, if you look around you at schools and markets and malls, you will find that live-in helpers are a common occurrence. Look in the classified ads in the papers and the type of shops around you. Maid agencies are dotted everywhere. 
But the scene is changing.

Many of our apartments are getting smaller. We have to learn to be content with less space for living. Furthermore, the cost of living is escalating. As a result, relatives cram into one apartment so as to get extra income from renting out the other. So we have even less personal space per person per square foot. If there is also a live-in helper to accommodate, then the space for privacy diminishes even more. It starts to feel intrusive and we even have to worry about things related to having a stranger in our midst, like the safety of our precious personal belongings.

Demands at work are increasing, which invariably lead to longer working hours, which mean less free time for ourselves. Our time-off at home should be what it says- chilling out. To do the things we enjoy so that we can recharge our body “batteries” again for the start of the new working day. Not having to worry cleaning up our environment. Most would not choose to have that extra responsibility in their spare time. Employing a stay in helper would only increase it even further. 

It is a great ideal to engage in part time cleaning company to do the weekly cleaning work for on the weekday either once, twice or thrice a week, you get to enjoy your weekend in a cleaner home without having to clean the house again yourself.

Unfortunately most house cleaning company like E Home House Cleaning or @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd are quite fully booked on weekend because of the high demand, so it is always smart to book early and also choose it on a weekday as weekend will cost more for each cleaning session.
Nevertheless, when extra hands and eyes are needed around to look after toddlers or the elderly, a live-in helper is a God-send. However, many are choosing alternative lifestyles. They work hard and play hard. Whether or not there are dependants in the household, there is still a need for the upkeep of the home. 

The Singapore climate is harsh, hot and humid. Things grow all the time; creepy crawlies, dusty green mould or black slimy mildew. This new generation does not have the time nor inclination to clean the house. They also see several flip sides to having a live-in helper; lack of space, more hassle, more responsibility, less privacy. Many families would rather have someone come in to do the cleaning and other household chores.

Cleaning companies offer them the alternative lifestyle. They provide a range of cleaning frequency. Items such as fans and windows which require cleaning from time to time are also offered as part of the package. Their services also extend to a range of laundry services such as ironing. With all their needs catered for, the demands for part-time maids will continue its upward trend as this new generation of independent adults grows. 

In conclusion, If you find a good cleaning company, stick to it and select only the part time cleaner that you like and can work for you. Choose part time maid agency that doesn’t charge agent fee, many of the part time maid company in Singapore required you to pay upfront a few hundred dollars even before you started using the cleaner.

Life is short and we should live and love life stress-free. When it is time to work, we work very hard and when it is time to rest and relax, we let the expert do the cleaning job for us. 

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