The Benefits of Part Time Maid

There are many Cleaning Services in Singapore which provides a comprehensive range of residential as well as office cleaning services. They provide convenient assistance to busy working people, to meet the needs of various households. People preferred to have weekly general house cleaning on a regular basis. The cleaners are trained and certified in domestic cleaning.

Having part time maid really helps when you want to rest & relax after a hard day’s work & spending time with your family instead of having to do housework.  One can expect a reliable long term services from these part timers. Full timer maids are helpful when you are having young children. But if you are working mother and sending them to child care you will get subsidy in the fees. Children will definitely learn more when spending their time with same age group children. 

Having full timer maid means you are bound to many responsibilities such as her health, food as well as many daily needs. It’s not only her salary but employer needs to pay levy to government as well. Most important, having full timer maid means you loss the privacy as she is going to stay 24/7 with you. Part timers generally come, finish your house chores that have been told and off she go. Basically, there is minimum communication between part-time maids.

However, you have to consider the mental wellbeing of your full timer.  Sometimes these full time maids might face family problems in their native country which may affect their quality of work. With part timers you don’t need to think about their family or any other personal matter.

You have to face big hesitation when it comes about leaving for a holiday. Whether to engage a domestic helper with you or leaving her behind at home alone? When you are having grown up children especially boys they don’t feel free if taking every time with you. You don’t have to think all these stuff when having a part time maid.

Keeping your office clean can be a tedious, time consuming task. Sometimes, employees are tasked to clean the office; it may affect their overall productivity at work. In the recent years, offices are seeking help from professional cleaning company as it saves time and the hassle of doing it themself. Part time maids are on growing demand in small businesses/offices. 

It’s always good to stay active but after certain age, it is good if have some physical help in house chore. The work which can be done with having part time maid why have full timer maid? So having part time help you can spend more quality time with your family, make new friends, keep fit, take up some classes or write a book. Get one part timer and explore the hidden talent in you.

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