Spring Cleaning Tips For 2014

The rainy season is coming, so it may be too late to do your spring cleaning this year, but this does not mean that you should not plan early for next year’s spring cleaning. It is best to list things down so that you can be sure that you got everything covered when it comes to maintaining your home in Singapore. Aside from listing the areas and parts of your home that needs maintenance, you should also take note of how you should get the work done easily to save on time and money. Here are some of the spring cleaning tips that you can include in your list to make sure that your Singapore home stays looking new and free from damages.

Organize Your Closet
This is, in fact, the first thing that you should do before you move out and fix all other areas of your home. Remove clothes that you have not worn in the past year. You can give them away or donate them to charity. You can then organize the rest of your clothes in a way that will fit seamlessly with your habits. For instance, you can separate the clothes that you wear for work and at home. You can also separate them according to color and category. To avoid organizing your closet regularly, make it a habit to stack clothes where they are supposed to be placed.

Wax Your Floors

The floors in your kitchen and your living room get the most beating because of the high traffic in those areas, not to mention the water spillages that happen on your kitchen floor. To protect your floors, apply a protective layer of wax that will help deter damages caused by water. Make your work easier by using a floor cleaner that washes and shines at the same time. Just follow the directions and you will have shiny floors once again that will be ready for another year of beating.

Work Your Way in the Right Direction

The ideal way to clean your home in Singapore is to work from top to down and then from the inside to the outside. This will avoid dirtying up areas that you have already cleaned up. Another tip is to place trashcans or garbage bags in strategic areas so that you do not have to walk several feet just throw every single trash. You can then bundle up all your trash bags to get them out of the house in one trip. If you have a large home, do not push yourself to clean everything in one day too. Work your way one room at a time. You will realize that you will even feel good once you see a room become sparkling clean even if the rest of your house still needs to be attended to.

Protect Yourself

You will be doing a lot of scrubbing, mopping, brushing, and even some carpentry work during spring cleaning season, so make sure that you stay protected. Wear gloves and wear the proper clothes to avoid scraping or wounding your skin. Remember, that any injury can halt your spring cleaning activities, so prepare all the tools and gears that you will need before you start scrubbing on stains or hammering nails on broken chairs.

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