Spring Cleaning During the Holidays – Tips & Tricks

If you have been working for quite something, you probably need to go for a holiday and have a piece of mind with your family, relatives, and friends. Well, if your holiday coincide with the spring season, then you must be very lucky because the weather is cool, enjoyable, and plentiful of vitamin D. In other words, spring is the time that everything springs back to life and flourish. During this season, expect to receive visitors on a regular basis. Of great concern is how you maintain a healthful environment in your housefor both your visitors and family members. In this regard, your house should always be clean. 
As stated in the introductory section, you must be ready to give your house a top-to-bottom buffing experience. Therefore, your appliances, carpeting, and furnishings should be spring-cleaned. Now, the big challenge is how to achieve the above objective. Ideally, during holidays, spring-cleaningseem like a lot of work to many people. However, if you are aware of some outstanding tips and tricks, then you are more likely to find the activity of tidying your house quite enjoyable and satisfying.
If spring cleaning has been a challenge to you, you need not worry as this article unveils amazing tips and tricks on how to make it easier and better. Without further ado, the following are eminent:

#1. Air our mats and rugs
During spring holidays, you are more likely to receive more visitors. In other words, there is a high traffic of people entering/leaving living room(s). In most cases, mats and rugs are placed at high traffic areas that attract a wide range of house-pollutants that seem not easy to vacuum it away. One of the outstanding tip and trick of getting rid of such strange odors and smell in rugs or mats is by airing it out in the sun. As a matter of fact, sunlight is one of the natural disinfectant that removes all the dirt and smell. In addition, a quick blow in the breeze outside your house will definitely make your mat/rugs properly aerated. 

#2. Always disinfect the disposal drain
Besides the living room, another key busy area in a house during spring holiday is of course, the kitchen. The garbage disposal and kitchen can be a breeding ground for odors and bacteria, which is a potential of causing diseases and ailments. Therefore, this area should be kept clean at all times. In order to keep your kitchen clean, it is advisable that you use disinfectants recommended for cleaning such special areas. If your budget is a bit tight, you need not buy expensive washing chemicals/disinfectants; you can make your own disposal deodorizer with a collection of few items that can be found locally in your kitchen (salt, lemon, and ice cubes). 

#3. Clean and/or replace shower curtains
It has been realized that most people overlook the idea of washing washroom curtains. Indeed, shower curtains usually collect a lot of mildew and soap scum over the holiday period. Similarly, an untidy curtain poses the danger of contracting diseases. It is advisable that curtains need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can wash it using disinfectants and other commercial washing agents. Otherwise, you can consider replacing it altogether when its time is up.

#4. Home store for lost and found
Ideally, at every household, some items are not used quite often. These include miscellaneous items such as stray buttons, screws and tools, pen caps, small batteries, and many more. As a matter of fact, these items are things that makes your house look untidy and disorganized. An outstanding idea in case is to create or designate a spot in your house for putting such loose items.

#5. Clean your beddings regularly
Probably, before spring begins, you had been using items such as blankets, comforters, and pillows on your bed. In most cases, these items are not cleaned on daily basis. However, during the springtime, especially when you are at your holiday, you need to air out your beddings after a long winter when you had been in a closed-up home. As such, you are advised to take all your beddings outside and hang them on the clothesline for a day. 

#6. Cleaning sticky utensils and other containers
As stated in the earlier sections, you will be receiving more visitors, which means you will be doing more of cooking. Your utensils will include plastics and other sticky cutleries. Ideally, washing such food containers is quite challenging; you must have realized a situation where you have washed them and still smell as before. What can you do in such a case? Well, there is an easy way to get rid of such smelly sticky plastic food containers. One of the amazing idea is purely locally available solution; you just get one tablespoonful of baking soda and then use it as a detergent. For better results, you are advised to wash such utensils using hot water. Indeed, baking soda neutralizes the stinky food smell on your plastics for good. 

#7. Cleaning the refrigerator coils
Refrigerator is one of the home appliances that is extensively used during when you are in holiday as well as during spring season. Therefore, the above home machine should be working properly, and it achieves only if it is well maintained and cleaned. Unfortunately, there’re some spots in a fridge that is out of sight as well as out of mind-coils. Indeed, it is highly recommended that you checked these coils at least once in a year just to keep the appliance running throughout the entire seasons. 
Therefore, spring-cleaning should include refrigerator cleaning. Once the coils are clean, then be rest assured that your spring holiday will be like no other. 


The list of tips or tricks for spring-cleaning during the holidays is just endless. However, if you follow the aforementioned tips and tricks to the latter, cleaning will become a hobby as well as mechanism for improving your living at home. In addition, you are advised to use locally available resources if your finances are quite limited. 

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