Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid?

Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid? The contemporary home environment brings a lot of challenges. People spend a lot of time on commitments such as work and studies. This leaves very little room for cleaning.

If you are to meet your objectives, and if you want to be hygienic, you need to ensure that your home is clean all the time.

Whereas some people choose cleaning per month, this is not advisable. In a span of one month, a lot can happen. These include accumulation of dust, growth, and spread of pathogens, and development of mold. It is not uncommon to find a home undergoing degradation as a result of unhygienic practices.

By choosing to have your home cleaned, you will be waking up to a refreshed home. You are also going to have ample time for work, studies, or meeting your friends. You will be proud when your visitors find a sprawling clean house.

Moreover, such a one-time clean-up is part of your greater self-care and will play a critical role in enhancing your confidence. When it comes to cleaning the home, people are faced with two major choices. On one hand, one can choose a cleaning service.

In this choice, you choose a company, preferably consistently, that will clean up your home. On the other hand, one can hire a weekly part-time maid. After considering various factors such as cost, this article argues in favor of seeking the services of a cleaning company and not a weekly part-time maid.

Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid?

Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid?

An average person would spend around 6 hours doing the cleaning. This is not only a tedious process but also tiring. In addition to that, cleaning can be a health danger because you will be interacting with microorganisms. Rather than doing this yourself, the best thing is to seek help in cleaning.

Unless you have a lot of money with you, hiring a full-time maid is out of the option. The labor market carries a minimum wage, and you simply cannot afford to hire a person full-time. This only occurs in cases where homes are very big or one receives a lot of visitors every week.

As a matter of fact, only the upper-class today can hire a maid.

A part-time maid is cheaper than a cleaning service. If you hire a professional part-time maid, you are going to incur less direct and indirect costs. However, the disadvantage that comes with hiring a part-time maid is that you are not sure about continuity.

If such a person gets a job elsewhere, you have to think about hiring a new maid. It should be noted that getting a person that you can trust is not easy. Do not be surprised if you find something missing in the home after hiring a maid.

Again, it should be noted, there is no standard method of evaluation on the performance of a part-time maid.

The part-time maid may not have the professionalism and experience that is required if you are to realize optimal cleaning outcomes. You will have to give such a person a lot of instructions on what to do to keep your home clean.

In other words, you might as well be supervising the maid, and this consumes your precious time.

Why You Should Choose a Cleaning Service

There are various reasons why you should choose a one-time cleaning service. To start with, by choosing a cleaning service, you are choosing a professional service. Employees in such companies are well-trained and most likely, they have accumulated vast experience in the cleaning field.

They do understand the best way of handling complex problems in the cleaning process, dangerous substances for instance.

One of the reasons why many people shy away from choosing a cleaning service is the issue of cost. Whereas some cleaning companies are not cheap, you can peruse through the available options and choose an affordable option.

Again, cleaning companies charge per hour, and because they are professionals, you are going to seek their services for just a few hours. In the long term, you will realize that cleaning services are affordable.

A cleaning company is not going to ask you to buy anything, a detergent for instance. Cleaning supplies are going to be taken care of by the company, and the cost is included. That means that you are also not going to spend time buying the cleaning supplies.

The cleaning companies are well-informed of the most effective cleaning agents, and they are going to make the best options for you. Such companies want to meet, and indeed, meet the cleaning expectations, and they will seek to offer the best service possible.

Many companies do offer loyalty points in any form to clients who seek their services for a long time. When you work with a certain cleaning company, they could give you offers.

In addition to that, some companies will give you a priority when it comes to certain products and services. Much as your cleaning need is one time, ensure that you go to the same company any time you need cleaning done.

By taking a one-time cleaning service, you will not be tied to a long-term contract. That means that you will not incur regular fees. At the same time, you do not have to keep any responsibilities on your part. After all, you need the cleaning services just once in a while.

Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid?Conclusion

Should I Hire a One Time Cleaning Service or Weekly Part Time Maid?

Whatever choice you make, whether a one-time cleaning service or a part-time maid, you need to ensure that the hygiene of your home is a priority. You cannot afford to incur the heavy cost that comes with unhygienic homes.

It is recommendable that you have a weekly cleaning service. Overall, making the right choice on where to source your cleaning services will be good for your peace, tranquility, predictability, and hygiene.

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