Part-time Maid FAQ

Wondering what are some of the Part-time maid faq here in Singapore? Read on to find out more!

Part-time Maid FAQ –
How much is a part-time maid in Singapore?

For a four hour window time, part-time maids usually cost around $80 to $90. The price would usually depend on their experience. You will definitely need to pay more for a more experienced cleaner as they will be able to cover more ground during a four-hour span.

In addition, there are maids who charge on an hourly basis. If you choose to hire a maid who charges per hour, the person will charge as much as $25 and as low as $16 per hour.

They usually have a minimum when it comes to the number of hours you will hire them. Some would not mind staying for as short as 2 hours while others would want a minimum of 4 hours.

Part-time Maid FAQ –
Is part time maid legal in Singapore?

No, the government prohibits the hiring of part-time maids. If you want to hire a maid, it must be a full time one. Thus, that person will reside in your home.

Can FDW work part time?

Part-time Maid FAQ

No, an FDW can only work on a full time basis. The person will most likely need to live in the house too. Thus, better hire a trustworthy one. This person should have been recommended by reliable sources.

What can a part time maid do in 4 hours?

The part-time maid can clean up the house in 4 hours. It includes sweeping the floor, dusting the cabinets, cleaning the toilets, and cleaning the kitchen sink. If the maid is fast enough, those tasks can be done in less than four hours but that would depend on the size of the house.

Is a part time maid worth it?

Part-time Maid FAQ

If you barely have any time on your hands to do any cleaning in your house, a part-time maid is definitely worth it. The person may even do a lot more for your house in 4 hours than you can do in an entire week. Most of the time, the part-time maid will already bring her own cleaning materials. She knows where she is supposed to start so she will be able to clean the entire house.

What’s the difference between a housekeeper and a maid?

Part-time Maid FAQ

A housekeeper resides in the home and is tasked to clean the house daily. On the other hand, a maid can work as part time and can just do a cleaning task for four hours.

Since the housekeeper lives in the home, she may be relegated to do other tasks such as bathing the dogs, cleaning the cars, and cooking food for the family that lives there. Both are workers whose mission is to clean your household though.

Is it compulsory to tip part time maid?

It is not compulsory to do so. In fact, it is quite unethical for a part time maid to ask for a tip. If you see the maid did such a great job, nobody is stopping you from giving the maid the tip that she deserves.

Do maid services do laundry?

Part-time Maid FAQ

That is usually not one of their tasks. However, if you request them to do it, they can but they are not responsible if the clothes end up shrinking. There is no need to worry about their capabilities since 99% of them know how to do the laundry.

If you have a huge pile of dirty laundry and you already hired a part-time maid, you may as well let the maid do the laundry. It won’t be a good idea to let your dirty laundry pile up as that may attract pests to your home.

What is included in part maid service?

Cleaning the entire house is included. Yes, that includes all the bathrooms. All the mirrors will get cleaned too. Additionally, all furniture and appliances will be wiped down.

Can I hire part time maid to fold my laundry?

Part-time Maid FAQ

Cleaning the house is the main task of a part-time maid. You can hire them to do that specific task but it won’t be their fault if they use your washing machine and your clothes shrink. If that does happen, you can blame it on something else and not them.

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