Monthly Cleaning Checklist 2020

Monthly Cleaning Checklist 2020 – Raise your hand if you also feel daunted to do the cleaning works. But you should know the fact that every work needs organized planning. In the same way, cleaning also needs proper planning and checklist. A monthly cleaning to-do list is very much useful in order to get your room ready and perfect. You can also divide your cleaning works into nice and manageable chunks. The division of works can give you better and more smooth works.

You can follow this checklist of 2020 and make your work easy and less daunting.

Cleaning schedule:


At first, you will have to make a cleaning schedule and then you should go for the cleaning process. Without having a schedule, you cannot do the cleaning in a proper way.

  • Empty your garbage cans or buckets
  • Give water to the plants
  • Wipe out the doors and windows
  • Vacuum the spot and the furniture as well
  • Dusting the ceiling fans and lights
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets
  • Wash the bathrooms
  • Clean the pantry items and sort it out
  • Wash the curtains
  • Wash the rugs and carpets
  • Mop the floor and especially the corner portions
  • Wash the ceiling vents
  • Organize the room
  • Organize the storage essentials and grocery items
  • Clean your wardrobes and closets
  • Wash the blinds if you have any
  • Arrange the toys of your children
  • Donate the extra clothes and items

Divide your task:


You will have to divide your task of cleaning. One day is not enough to do all such works. So, you need to fetch out some more days in order to complete these tasks. In this, you can clean your house properly and keep your house clean, clear, and hygienic as well.

Dusting the ceiling fans:


Cleaning and dusting are very much important in order to maintain the hygiene of your house. If you cannot remember when you last did the dusting your ceiling fan, then it is the high time to clean the dust of your fan. You will eventually see the dust, mites, and dirt to your fans. You will have to dust the ceiling fans once in a month in order to keep it looking nice and new. Clean fans will also work well and function well. It will work without any interruption as well. The clean fan will also disperse better air. So, cleaning is very much essential to keep it running and long-lasting as well.

Clean the light fixtures:


Cleaning your light fixtures is also very much important. You will have to clean them monthly. It will keep your globe and fixtures bright and restrain from dulling as well. You can use the cloth for wiping the fixtures and remove the globe for quick shinning. You can remove the bugs if any. The clean fixtures will give you a brighter light.

Clean the walls:


If you have children in your house, then your walls will get dirt easily by their mischievous works. But apart from this, you should clean the walls occasionally in order to remove the dirt from your wall. You will surely find the furniture marks, crayon patches, splatters and dust as well. You will have to take special care for the food preparation area or you can say the kitchen walls.

Clean the windows:


You will have to clean the windows and wash the curtains as well. You need to wash the curtain once in a month. You can also do research before doing window treatments.

Vacuum inside the furniture:


If you notice properly then you will find so much stuff inside the sofa and living room chairs. So, it needs a proper cleaning process. For that, you should use the vacuum cleaner. You can schedule a day in the month for vacuuming inside the furniture and make it clean like new.

Deep clean the appliances:


If you have a micro oven, toaster, and refrigerator in your house, then you should deep clean these appliances. The deep cleaning will help you to get back the shine and original glory of the items.

  • You should use the best cleaner.
  • You will have to remove all the items from the refrigerator and clean them properly.
  • You can use the baking soda and vinegar in order to clean the inside portions of these items.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist 2020 – Conclusion

This is the monthly schedule of cleaning. You will have to follow these in order to make your home clean and keep it hygienic as well.

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