Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Singapore

With the growing affluence of Singaporeans and increasingly busy schedules, laundry pickup and delivery service is gradually becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.   The growing affluence of the population means people are able and more willing to afford better quality clothing, household items and travel more.  This translates to a greater need for laundry services as better quality fabrics – be it fashion apparels, drapery, bedding, household items, winter wear – all require tender loving care from quality and trusted laundry experts. 

Another phenomenon leading to the rising popularity of laundry pickup and delivery service is the influx of foreign talent.  A large proportion of the foreign professionals working here live alone in small apartments and are likely to require convenient laundry services.

In addition, the rise of the Generation Y population is Singapore will also contribute to the demand of this service.  This Generation of the population is less likely to perform domestic tasks and are very adept home shoppers.  They engage in a lot of online purchases and hence, will more likely prefer the pickup and delivery laundry service as opposed to having to do the laundry themselves or having to take the items to the laundry shops.

A laundry pickup and delivery service is very convenient as we generally face busy and stressful schedules coping with work, family and other chores at home.  They can save a lot of time by conveniently letting someone else do work – be it normal washing and ironing or for items requiring specialized tender loving care.  Why spend time on washing, ironing and folding laundry when there is always something else better to do with your valuable time? Use the time to rest, re-energize yourself, and engage in sports and leisure activities or just bond with loved ones and friends.

For people who do not drive or own a car, having to carry bags full of items to and from the laundry shop can be a mammoth task.  Having to lug the load of laundry on the constantly crowded public transport, or having to pay for a taxi ride just to take the laundry to and from a laundry shop can be a stressful, frustrating and expensive task. Furthermore, laundry shops are generally not in the heart of housing developments and especially for residents of private estates and high-end residential areas, a door-step pick-up and delivery service is especially essential, or, one might say ‘god-sent’. 

With a laundry pickup and delivery service, all you have to do is to arrange for pickup and delivery at a time most convenient to you and everything will be done without lifting a finger or stepping out of your home!  Absolutely hassle-free and time-saving – just put your dirty laundry in a bag and they come back professionally cleaned, pressed and nicely packaged!

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