Is It Illegal To Hire PartTime Cleaner

Is It Illegal To Hire PartTime Cleaner?

Looking for Part Time Cleaner? Although most households are happy to have a full-time maid in their homes, who will take care of all the chores, there are still some who would rather hire Part Time Cleaner. The main reason is the privacy it offers. A

 Part Time Cleaner will only show up in your home once, twice or thrice a week, depend the terms you have agreed on. She can finish her duties within the specified number of hours and leave you to your privacy afterwards. This is a very desirable for those who value their privacy and those who do not need too much help around the house all day long. The benefits will be saving on paying for a full time salary and making living provisions for an extra person.

The only question is, is it legal to hire PartTime Cleaner?

Maid can either be locals or foreigners from other countries. Both hire as full time or Part Time Cleaner, depend on the permit that they carry. For instance, if a family hires a full time foreign domestic workers, her permit will show that family as employer. Therefore, she is not allowed to work for anyone else or outside the residential address stated in her permit. This is clearly stated by MOM. The only exception is when the work she is doing for that different address is an extension of her duty for the family, like caring for a child or an elderly.

Another way to hire a legal Part Time Cleaner is by finding a local or a permanent resident. They are allowed and privileged to render such service, free of any repercussions.

Is It Illegal To Hire Part Time Cleaner?

So, how do you make sure you are dealing with a legal maid?

When dealing with a cleaning company, make sure that they provide you with their license to operate. If the company is already illegitimate, then it will follow they their employers are as well. However, it does not follow that a legit company will have 100% legit employees under them. You still need to check the permit cards of the maid that they will assign to you.

If you are dealing with a foreigner with a visit pass, you need to acquire a permit for her in able to make her services legal.

The Ministry of Manpower in sgp is very strict when it comes to this matter. Anyone caught not abiding by their rules will suffer punishments, like revocation of permit for the maid and a fine for the employer. However, this should not be a worry to you. As long as your Part Time Cleaner has the necessary permit card, then you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable household help.

Below are a list of Legal Part Time Cleaner Company:
@bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd
E Home Part Time Cleaner Services 
Auntie Cleaner Singapore
Singapore Part Time Maid Pte Ltd

If you are using Part Time Cleaner at the moment, be sure to check if they are holding legal permit. Hiring freelance foreign workers can get both yourself and the freelance Part Time Cleaner in trouble.

List of legal part time maid agencies in Singapore
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