Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently? When it comes to deep carpet cleaning, dry cleaning is one of the systems that claim to do this job effectively. But besides pros, this method has cons, which make frequent cleaning not reasonable.

So how often you should dry clean your carpeting? Keep reading to get a better understanding of the carpet dry cleaning system.

What is dry cleaning carpets?

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Dry cleaning uses a low-moisture solution or slightly wet granules to cleanse the carpet. It all starts with the application of the solution or granules on the carpet. Then, the cleaning device runs over them and massages them deep into the fibers.

After a while of sitting, you suction up the solution along with the broken down dirt. Dry cleaning is not completely dry as its title entails. It involves a little amount of moisture, which can dry in less than 30 minutes.

Advantages of carpet dry cleaning

1. Fast drying

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning uses only a tiny amount of water. This allows the carpet to dry out in record times. As we have mentioned above, the drying can take around 30 minutes. But it depends on the dirtiness of the carpet and the quantity of solution or granules you apply.

If the carpet is in good condition and doesn’t need deep cleansing, you will apply a low amount of solution. Hence, the carpet may get dry in 10-15 minutes.

2. Less traffic limitation

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Fast-drying makes dry cleaning the perfect option for homeowners who can’t limit the traffic on the carpet for a long time. It can be the children playing area or the busy kitchen before a birthday party. Making the carpet soaked with water in these scenarios may create discomfort and impede you from doing your tasks. That’s why a dry cleaning session would do much better than a steam cleaning one.

3. Relatively cheaper

Dry cleaning is relatively cheaper than steam cleaning because it uses significantly less water. However, the costs will be still high for renting the machine or buying it. We couldn’t compare the dry and steam cleanings to the traditional vacuuming.

A vacuum cleaner is definitely the cheapest carpet cleaning solution out there. However, its cleaning efficiency is lower than the efficiency of the above-mentioned systems. For one, it doesn’t use a solution to deep clean the fibers as dry and steam systems do.

Then, the machine power is lower and can’t break down soils that lurk deep in the carpet.

Disadvantages of carpet dry cleaning

1. Can’t disinfect

While being effective in removing tough grime, dry cleaning is powerless in front of bacteria. Neither it uses heat, nor has its solution disinfectant properties. Hence you can’t use it to reduce the populations of germs on your carpet.

2. Leaves residue

Another drawback of this method is that it leaves residue on the carpet. The vacuum may not be able to remove product residue that has settled on the bottom of the carpet. The granules that stuck in-between fibers are also hard to extract. The residue can make the carpet wear faster and collect dirt easier.

3. Chemicals

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Unlike vacuum cleaning, dry cleaning uses a chemical compound that can turn harmful after frequent use. You are good to refrain from dry cleaning the rug at short intervals, especially if you have kids around.

Is it bad to dry clean carpets frequently?

Taking into consideration the cons of dry cleaning, it becomes obvious that using it often is a bad idea. Using dry cleaning over and over will make germs accumulate and spread liberally. You have to replace the dry system with the steam system from time to time for thorough disinfection of the carpet.

The chemicals and the residue build-ups can bring harm to family members and carpet in case of cleaning frequently. This must be a strong reason to use dry cleaning at long intervals. Once in 4-6 weeks is the ideal interval for this cleaning method.

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently? – Bottom line

Is It Bad To Dry Clean Carpets Frequently?

Like any other product, a dry cleaning system comes with its cons. If you are a fan of using this method often, you are better off rethinking your routine. By choosing longer intervals of once in 4-6 weeks, you will prevent chemical-caused health issues and carpet’s premature aging.

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