Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health?

Wondering is disinfection service harmful to your health? Disinfection service is the process of treating equipment or surfaces to reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms. This is done with the help of physical or chemical means.

Hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms, and other healthcare facilities frequently utilize disinfection services. Disinfectants prevent diseases and infections when used appropriate amounts in the right places.

In the case of any disease outbreak, it is always wise to implement disinfection services on the points that are frequently touched by many people. Some of these places include phones, toilet handles, doorknobs, etc.

What is disinfectant residue?

The process of disinfection is simple and quick. However, sometimes it does more harm than good. Disinfectants that are used in the process of disinfection sometimes get deposited on the surfaces of the equipment.

This is called disinfectant or chemical residue. This residue is common when the surface is not cleaned or rinsed at regular intervals. If the disinfectants are not properly handled, some chemical disinfectants can also be perilous.

There are some disinfectants that are explosive and flammable and can react with other chemicals intensely to produce toxic and fatal gases.

Hazards to Health

Some disinfectants are explosive and highly flammable. These kind of strong oxidizers produce gases and by products that are toxic when they react with other chemicals.

Some chemical disinfectants cause skin irritation and are also harmful to the eyes and the respiratory system. If corrosive in nature, these chemicals could expose the workers to serious and fatal damage if they come in direct contact with the eyes or skin.

If used in areas with poor ventilation, the particles suspended by the spray type disinfectants can cause serious respiratory issues.

There are certain chemical disinfectants such as Formaldehyde that are carcinogenic and toxic in nature. Although they are good and efficient when used in disinfection services, they cause serious harm to health.

Some of the harmful effects include cough, irritation of the skin, shortness of breath, chronic bronchitis, and worsening of asthma. Exposure to certain chemicals may lead to sensitization of skin which in turn leads to dermatitis.

Other chemicals such as hypochlorite cause irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Hydrogen Peroxide is used in various levels of concentration. In liquid form, it is used as a preservative. It is important to know hydrogen peroxide in highly concentrated levels is corrosive in nature and can cause burns.

Those who handle iodophors and iodine solutions are exposed to allergic reactions. Disinfectants that have phenol in them cause diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and irritation to injured skin. Some of these chemicals also have drastic effects on the central nervous system.

Safety Measures

The organizations must never compromise on the health and safety of the workers who handle disinfectants. There must be a systematic procedure to identify the potential risks so that there is minimum risk of danger to health due to chemical disinfectants.

Step 1: Identification of hazard

Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health?

There must be a thorough assessment of personnel involved in any work dealing with disinfectants and also the situation of the work. Then set up prevention and control measures to eliminate the risks and monitor the effectiveness of these measures.

There should be effective communication among all the employees and workers. The organizations should also plan the training of employees in case of any emergency.

Step 2: Assessment of Risk

Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health?

It is a process to get rid of any level of risk and make decisions pertaining to the tolerance of the risk. Keep in mind some of these factors of risk assessment such as the properties of the disinfectants used.

Always be informed of the physical, chemical, and toxic properties of the disinfectants and how the kind of exposure they have. The person who is handling the disinfectant should be well aware of all the information regarding the hazard as well as safety precautions.

Perform risk assessment only if you are competent enough and have all the knowledge about the dangers that are associated with the utilization of the chemicals.

Step 3: Logistical safety

Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health?

Ensure that any one person is not exposed to a particular chemical for a prolonged period of time. There should be installation of proper ventilation so that the risk of airborne hazard is eliminated.

Is Disinfection Service Harmful to Your Health? – Conclusion

In this article we have answered all your questions regarding disinfection services and how they can cause harm to our health if not handled properly.

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