How To Remove Stubborn Stains On Bathroom Flooring

How to remove stubborn stains on bathroom flooring? Do your bathroom tiles or flooring have stubborn stains that you simply have not been able to clean off? Over time, your bathroom floors may start appearing dirty and stained so much that no bathroom cleaning product may be able to clean it no matter how long you take to scrub.

It might even appear that the dirt or stain is part of the flooring. If you scrub them hard, you may scratch and damage the tiles. In case, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, maybe you need to prepare cleaning equipment and supplies in advance. Ideally,

if you know how to clean the bathroom stains you won’t consider this process a daunting task. Here is how to remove stubborn stains on bathroom flooring.

· Understand the products that you use: 

Abrasive powder as cleaning product
Abrasive powder as cleaning product

Although commercial and natural products are good for cleaning the bathroom, you should know which products to use. In most instances, you might apply one or two products and the stubborn stains will be gone.

Consider using abrasive powder as it is one of the best products. However, at other times, you may wish to remove particular stains that require specific types of products. With the help of strong detergents, chemicals, and acids, hard to remove bathroom flooring stains can be dealt with well.

· Use vinegar:

Use vinegar as bathroom cleaning product
Use vinegar as bathroom cleaning product

Although this tip appears very simple, it is very useful when it comes to removing these stains from your bathroom flooring immediately. Ideally, vinegar contains some active ingredients that can be used to remove these stains and any impurities from your bathroom floors easily.

In essence, mix this product with some other ingredients such as warm water and dish detergent. Since finding this product is very easy, you do not need to worry. Just search around your local stores. More so, there are some online stores which also offer these products for cleaning service.

· Apply chlorine:

Use chlorine as cleaning product
Use chlorine as cleaning product

It is also recommended to use chlorine. It is true that chlorine is among the best bleaching agents. It actually has many other benefits that come with it. For instance, it can eliminate mold yeast and other microorganisms. This will help you remove any stubborn stain from your bathroom completely. This is why it should be applied to your bathroom flooring to remove any stubborn stain. To improve the effectiveness of this product, always use a soft brush.

· Use scouring pads: 

You may want to get extra help from scouring pads. This is a wise step to take since scouring pads provide the right amount of friction to physically get rid of the stain that is on your bathroom floor.

Alternate between using soft and hard sponges depending on the degree of stubbornness. However, in most instances, you will find yourself using more abrasive sponges to remove stubborn stains. Constant cleaning and scrubbing will surely remove the stain completely.

· Use some cooking oil:

Even though this is one of the best tips, not many people know about it. You can actually use a few drops of oil to remove the stubborn stains. While doing this extra care is required since overusing it may add more stains onto your floor.

Before cleaning, use a soft cloth to apply the oil. After you are through with the cleaning, rinse the bathroom floors completely. To remove excess oil use soap or shampoo. You can do this treatment regularly to ensure that your bathroom floors do not accumulate any dirt or stain.

Natural cleaning products
Natural cleaning products

· Consider buying a natural product:

Nowadays there are a lot of products that have been specifically manufactured for bathroom floors. Luckily, most of these products are made from natural ingredients. Since these products are safer, it is recommended that you use them instead of artificial ones.

Since many retailers stock them you can easily buy them from your local stores. Finding the ideal product for bathroom flooring stains should not be a hard task. You only need to read the ingredients before settling on the best cleaning service. Only make sure that you select the best ingredient for your bathroom.

· Use baking soda:

You may not be interested in this product but baking soda is a good cleaning agent that can remove any stubborn stain as quickly as possible. If you want to ensure that it is effective enough combine it with other ingredients such as a liquid shop or hydrogen peroxide. When applying these, put on protective gloves to protect your hands.

This product will remove any stubborn stains from your bathroom floor very quickly. After using it, do not forget to rinse your floor thoroughly. In case there is any residue use warm water to remove it. Do not forget to dry your bathroom floor as this mixture can cause more stubborn stains onto your bathroom floor.

Using baking soda for bathroom cleaning
Using baking soda for bathroom cleaning

· Take your time:

You should not struggle to remove bathroom stains in one cleaning service. If the stain seems too hard to remove don’t worry, target it the next time you are cleaning. Constant cleaning and scrubbing that stain will surely remove it from your bathroom flooring. Although there are some surfaces that can withstand hard scrubbing, others cannot hence take into consideration the substances that you use for cleaning.

Also, ensure that you know which products to avoid while cleaning your bathroom. Remember that removing stubborn stains can be a very good thing, but killing the mold and other microorganisms is a much better idea.

In brief, these are some of the most useful tips that you can easily follow when removing bathroom flooring stains. However, if you do not have the time, you may consider hiring the services of a professional. Select the best company with qualified professionals. More so, they should possess enough experience to deal with any kind of bathroom flooring.

Contact your company to ask about the kind of cleaning service that they offer so as to avoid damaging your bathroom floor. Remember, sometimes stains will just pull away by themselves hence, you do not have to look for the strongest cleaners.

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