How To Clean Your Cleaning Equipment

Your cleaning equipment helps you to keep your house or office clean. As you use them for cleaning, they also get dirty. Therefore, your cleaning equipment also needs to be cleaned to ensure that they are working at top notch at all times. You equipment may also be damaged if you allow access dirt to accumulate in them. So, how do you clean your cleaning tools? Here are tips to help you lean the common cleaning equipment found in most households in Singapore;

The vacuum cleaner
If you want your vacuum cleaner to serve you for a long time, you have to make sure that you clean it after using it a couple of times, maybe 5 times. To clean your vacuum cleaner, start by unplugging all connections and hoses. If you still have the manual, you can use it’s a guide. Locate and clean the cleaner’s filters. The brush rollers at the bottom must also be cleaned. Wash the outside of the cleaner using mild water and soap solution. Unblock any openings that have been blocked by dust.

The washing machine

Although the washing machine is less prone to dirt compared to the vacuum cleaner, it also needs to be cleaned occasionally. You need to clean the tub, the door, the fabric softener and bleach dispensers and the exterior. To clean the tub, pour approximately two cups of warm water mixed with vinegar and run the machine through a complete washing cycle on the hottest setting. This will help remove stains, detergent build-ups and odors. 

The door or lid can be made clean by scrubbing using a soft soaked in a warm mixture of water and vinegar. To clean the fabric softener and bleach dispensers, remove them from the machine and scrub using a soft cloth soaked in a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Dry them thoroughly before you place them back into the machine. Use a soft cloth socked in mild water and soap to wipe clean the exterior .leave the door/lid open after you finish cleaning\g to allow the machine to dry to prevent mildewing.

The dishwasher

You have to clean your dishwasher as often as you can especially if it is constantly in use. Again, vinegar should be used to do the cleaning. To clean this cleaning equipment, pour vinegar in the bottom of the machine before starting it. You an also pour the vinegar in the dispensers instead of pouring it at the bottom of the machine. Run the machine through a full cleaning cycle. Wipe the exterior clean using a soft cloth soaked in vinegar. You can also use your all-purpose cleaner instead of vinegar. However, vinegar is more recommended because of its ability to remove odor.

Brooms, mops, and dusters

These cleaning equipment do a great deal of jobs around the house. They too need to be cleaned so that they can perform their functions well. To clean your brooms and mops, wipe their handles using a mild cleansing solution. Clean the broom and mop heads by socking them in a cleansing solution and then run your fingers through the bristles while they are submerged. Drain the soap solution and run hot water over the bristles. Dusters can also be cleaned using this method. Allow them to dry.

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