How to Clean Standing Fan?

How to Clean Standing Fan? The clean standing fan is created by a different company from the clean ceiling fan, clean wall fan, and clean pedestal fan. The clean standing fan stands alone on the floor or on furniture when not in use.

As with any other pieces of fans found in your house, you need to clean it at times as well to prevent its accumulation of dirt which may jeopardize its functionality eventually. This article will show how to clean this type of fan properly without damaging it nor causing injuries to yourself while you clean them.

How to Clean Standing Fan?

Steps On How To Clean A Standing Fan

Cleaning a standing fan can be easier than cleaning some other types of fans if you do it the right way so that you don’t get injured or damage the fan itself. You clean standing fans the same way you clean your home, ceiling, wall, and floor fans that have a motor.

1) Clean the blade

The first thing you must do is clean the blade of the standing fan by spraying it with glass cleaner. Work one blade at a time! While one side of the blade is facing you, use your hand to clean the top part of it, only using your hand as scrubbing material.

Do not use any stiff brush or anything else scourer to clean it because this will scratch, thus damaging it. Use either a paper towel or microfiber towel labeled “non-scratch” available from most hardware stores if you clean the blade of a standing fan.

2) Flip it over

After you clean one side of the blade, flip it over and clean its bottom with your bare hand using your fingers as scrubbers. It is not advisable to use any stiff brush or anything else that will cause scratches on it. You may clean this part again with a microfiber towel or paper towel if they are available in the hardware stores where you bought them from or near you at all times.

3) Repeat the steps

Repeat these steps until every part of each blade has been cleaned by your bare hand easily. You should be able to wipe them clean using only mild pressure without feeling any resistance whatsoever when passing your hand on the clean blades.

4) Clean other parts

After you clean the clean standing fan’s clean blade, now it is time to clean other parts of this clean standing fan, starting with its body itself or where the fan is attached to stand or place.

Wipe all its hard-to-reach areas using a damp cloth and avoid pressing any buttons first in case if it has a remote control that may interfere with your cleaning process (or working process). Clean carefully using your hand only!

The last thing that you want to happen here is scratching the paint off by rubbing too hard and force.

Do not push down too hard for fear that you may destroy something important inside, causing accidents at home for everyone involved there, including yourself! Wash all sides of a clean standing fan carefully where dirt, dust, and grime settle down through the years.

5) Don’t forget outer casings

After washing it with water and a clean cloth or microfiber towel, you should clean its outer plastic casings as well, noting that clean plastic casings do not have to be washed at all times, unlike other parts because they are made clean from the factory already so there is no need for you to clean them.

Unless if there is some especially stubborn grime on it that can’t be cleaned using only a damp cloth. Use your bare hand again in wiping these clean plastic casings without putting too much pressure at all.

Do not press any buttons found there except if you know what you are doing with this remote control! You may clean them using a clean cloth or a clean microfiber towel without risking any injury on yourself.

6) Turn the clean standing fan upside down

Turn the clean standing fan upside down and clean both of its legs from top to bottom, front to back, if you want to make sure that every part of it is clean! This procedure doesn’t require much of your time.

Clean it as you clean its blades and plastic casings by passing your hand slowly for fear that you may damage something important inside this clean standing fan.

Use whatever non-scratch tools available in the market like paper towels or microfiber towels sans pressure at all times except if there are some stubborn dirt found in some specific areas that need more attention, such as cracks on its body and surroundings.

7) Using proper cloth

Avoid scratching the clean standing fan’s clean legs using a stiff brush or anything else that will cause scratches on it. These clean legs are very sensitive, so clean them using a clean cloth, clean paper towel, clean microfiber towel, and even your clean bare hand at all times if possible.

Because it should be easy to handle. Once you have cleaned its backside where it is placed and standing on a table or any other surfaces for long periods of time, flip it over and clean its front side as well. This is important in order to make sure that every part of this clean standing fan, including its body, has been cleaned thoroughly.

8) Clean legs

Clean both sides of each leg again from top to bottom without forgetting to clean its top part as well. These clean legs usually move when it is in use, so there are different parts here that need to be cleaned thoroughly especially if they are full of dirt and dust accumulated during the years of using the clean standing fan.

9) Clean All Sides of the fan

How to Clean Standing Fan?

Clean all sides of a clean standing fan’s clean body without forgetting to clean its areas where you place your hands directly while cleaning it with your bare hand only!

You should be able to clean these areas using only mild pressure in case if there are any buttons found on these clean standing fans because pressing them may interfere with your own cleaning process.

If this clean standing fan has a remote control, do not press any buttons for fear that you may damage something important inside because most remote controls today are complicated (as in smartphones) that can only be handled by technical experts.

10) Final Cleaning

If the clean standing fan has clean outer casings, you should clean them for the last time before unplugging this clean standing fan and using its remote control in pushing clean standing fan’s buttons properly if there is any found on clean standing fans.

Use a clean microfiber towel instead of your clean bare hands to clean all sides of these clean outer casings from top to bottom without pressing any button accidentally because it may cause problems with your own cleaning process!

Once you have cleaned its upper part, flip it over and repeat the same procedure again until you do not find dirt at all on these clean outer casings. It is very important to clean outer casings properly in order to make this clean standing fan look clean inside and outside.

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