How To Clean My House After Renovation

Home renovation requires a lot of work, and the homeowner may have to turn a lot of things upside-down in order to achieve the new look that they want. However, after the dust has settled and the construction crew is out, the homeowner has to get a professional to help them with the mess. Examples of dirt and debris that can be found in a house that has recently been renovated include:

– Pieces of glass
– Pieces of tiles
– Pieces of wood
– Sand
– Cement
– Paint drops
– Marks on the walls, mirrors, doorknobs and windows.
– Dust on various surfaces
– Debris on the floors or carpets

Cleaning a home that has recently been renovated requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. It is important to get rid of any dirt, dust and debris in order to ensure that the house looks as good as new. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional team who have home renovation cleaning experience. The team should be able to work from top to bottom in order to thoroughly clean the house. They should also be able to work within the client’s time frame, so that the owner of the home can move into their house within the shortest time possible.

Checklist for cleaning after renovation

In order to ensure that all the bases are covered and that the professionals have done a thorough job, it is important to have a comprehensive checklist. This checklist will include the various rooms in the home and all the areas that should be thoroughly cleaned. The checklist will show the professional cleaners how to systematically clean the entire home so that it is in a perfect condition when the owners want to move back in. The following is an example of some of the areas that have to be cleaned in the major rooms in most houses.

– All the surfaces in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other living areas will have to be dusted.

– The cabinets in all the rooms will have to be cleaned. The professional cleaning team will clean the front of the cabinet as well as the inside. They will remove all the debris and ensure that the cabinets and closets are in perfect condition.

– The countertops or shelves in the kitchen, bathroom and other living areas need to be wiped or dusted.

– The backsplash and the sinks in the kitchen and the bathroom will have to be cleaned. It is also important to properly sanitize the bathroom sink in order to maintain hygiene in the room.

– The team will thoroughly clean the entire window. They should clean the inside and outside of the window so that it is crystal clear. They should also clean the window sills and the window tracks.

– The marks on all the walls and baseboards in all the rooms should be removed by scrubbing or wiping.

– The door frames, doors and doorknobs need to be thoroughly wiped. The light switches and sockets also have to be cleaned.

– The floors in every single room need to be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly. The procedure that will be used to wash the floor will depend on the material that the floor is made from. However, experts are usually very familiar with the various cleaning strategies, and they will thoroughly clean the floor without affecting its appearance. They will also use quality cleaning products that will not damage the surface in any way.

– In the kitchen, the appliances have to be thoroughly cleaned. The experts will clean the fridge, the dishwasher, the microwave, the oven, and the stove top. They will also wipe other small appliances such as the coffee maker and the toaster.

– Any trash that was left behind by the construction workers or the constructors in any of the rooms will be removed.

– In the bathroom, the team will clean the inside and outside of the toilet and sanitize it so that it remains hygienically clean.

– They will also clean the bathtub, the glass doors as well as the shower walls in the bathroom. They will sanitize the entire area to get rid of any germs that may be lurking around.

– The mirrors in all the bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned, and the contractors will ensure that the entire bathroom is spick and span.

– If there are any carpeted floors in the house, they will be thoroughly vacuumed so that they are exceptionally clean.

– All the hard floors will also be cleaned by vacuuming or damp-mopping them.

– If the house has a fireplace in the bedroom or any other living area, it will be vacuumed and cleaned completely by the professional cleaners.

What to look for when hiring a house cleaning company

After renovating your home, you should consider a house cleaning company that meets the following requirements:

– They should have enough experience in cleaning houses after a renovation. This is because a lot of details are involved, and they should know which corners of the house to target in order to do a thorough job.

– They should be ready to provide references of people who they have worked with before. The client can contact their previous clients in order to know whether they can really do a good job.

– They should be flexible when it comes to timing. They should be able to clean the home whenever it is convenient for the client.

– They should offer their services at a reasonable price. The client should ensure that the house cleaning company can thoroughly clean their house at a price that is affordable.


House cleaning after a renovation requires a lot of attention to detail. However, if a client hires the right house cleaning company, they will be able to move into a clean and sanitary house that looks great. The house cleaning crew will get rid of any of the trash and spots that were left behind by the renovation or construction crew. The price and the services that they offer will depend on whether the renovation was done on the whole house or on a specific room. The client can only be sure that they will get services that offer great value for their money if they hire a professional house cleaning company.

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