How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling?

How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling? – People usually avoid cleaning the curtains in their home for several years because it is very fatiguing to take them down, wash them, iron them, and hang them again.

So, for this reason, many people prefer to replace their curtains after some time instead of cleaning them. But now they can keep their curtains clean and tidy regularly by cleaning them without dismantling.

The curtain cleaning can be made very easy by having the right tools with you. Some of the tips provided here under can help you in cleaning your curtains whenever you want without taking then down.

Shake them well

You can shake your curtains from near the rod by using a ladder and a person to hold the ladder steady. You should shake them hard to remove immovable dirt and dust from them.

But after shaking the curtains you should vacuum the surroundings so that the removed dust and dirt could not get on the curtains again.

Vacuum curtains

A strong vacuum cleaner with an attachment can also help you in getting rid of the dust and dirt on your curtains.

The attachment should be long enough to reach the top end of the curtains so that you can clean them thoroughly.

The attachment must have a soft brush to remove the irremovable dirt and dust and vacuum it simultaneously. You can clean them more efficiently if your vacuum cleaner is mobile and lightweight.

If you are unable to reach the top of the curtains then you can use a step or ladder for this purpose.

Use the steam power

Vacuum cleaning the curtains will not be enough if they are stained or greasy. However, you can still clean the stains and grease from your curtains without dismantling them.

You can use a powerful steam cleaner for this purpose. A handheld steamer with an attachment used to vacuum upholstery can help in removing stains, grease, and dust for your curtains in an effortless manner.

You should hold the head of the steam cleaner on the curtain and move it gently in the vertical direction so that the steam can go into the fibers without soaking them.

You can clean every inch of your curtain by using a steam cleaner at a gentle setting on its small parts. This method of cleaning curtains without dismantling them can be more effective for thick curtains.

However, while using a steam cleaner you should check the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer of the curtains.

Brush out tiny fibers

How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling?

Some of the curtains not only attract dust and dirt but also fibers of fabrics. Sometimes, these fibers cannot be removed from the curtains even while vacuuming them.

If that is the position then you can use a lint brush or roller to remove those fibers. You should have someone with you to pull the curtains flat and outwards so that you can remove all the fibers from them.

Clean windows carefully

How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling?

While cleaning the windows covered with curtains you should be careful. Window cleaning can cause stains and dirt on the curtains if done carelessly.

You should not spray the window cleaning solution on the window panes or on a cloth to clean windows. The grease and dust removed by them can get on to your curtains.

Let your curtains breathe better

How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling?

Before and after cleaning your curtains you should allow them to have a lot of fresh air. It will help in avoiding the build-ups of mold and mildews along with unpleasant odors.


How to Clean Curtains without Dismantling?

Though you can remove unpleasant odors for your curtains by steam cleaning them but if it still persists then you can use deodorizer for this purpose.

A deodorizer that can be sprayed on upholstery can be the best choice for giving a clean and fresh look to your curtains.

You can also place a bowl of your favorite essential oils and baking powder on the sill of the window to freshen up the areas around your curtains.

Thus by following the tips discussed in this write-up you can make curtain cleaning easier even without dismantling them as well as without calling a professional cleaning service.

You can improve the looks of your entire home by cleaning the curtains, especially on some important occasions, without taking them down.

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