How To Choose A Part Time Maid

One might consider engaging the part time maid service in Singapore because of the fast paced society and also hectic workload. Before engaging the part time maid services, it is very important to go through the checklist stated below:

Insured: Ensure that the maid and you as the consumer are both insured if anything were to happen in the midst of cleaning. (Example: Lost of valuable items or any injuries occur during the midst of cleaning). You need to be protected and the company should have liability. Most reputable house cleaning company would have a terms & condition form for you to sign.

References: Ensure that the part time maid cleaning Service Company is reliable and trustworthy. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

1. How long have they been in this line of business?

2. If in any case if you were to be unsatisfied with the maid, will there be a replacement?

3. What are the feedbacks from customers after engaging their company for part time home cleaning?

4. Reading testimonial from past customers and finding feedback on the internet.

Employee screening and hiring: Ensure that the cleaning company check about the background of their cleaners thoroughly (Example: Any past criminal records). Ask the company about how they go about hiring those part time maids. Does the company provide any training for them? You definitely would not want to have a maid who is unsure about the cleaning procedures to come over to your house.

Cleaning products: Some cleaning company in Singapore will need you to supply all the cleaning products which is also an advantage to the consumers. One advantage would be, you will be rest assured that your loved ones will not be allergic to any of the strong chemicals. You can buy all the cleaning materials by yourself that is safe for your family and pets. If you are unsure about what to get for the cleaning materials, make an effort to ask the cleaning company. Being the “Gurus” in this line, they will definitely know which one to recommend you. The second advantage would be, you will save quite a sum of money if you get the cleaning materials yourself. For example, some company would charge you at a higher rate if you require them to get the cleaning materials for you.

Replacement: Many part time maid company doesn’t allow you to replace the cleaner you are not comfortable with. You should always work with a reputable company who allows the replacement of the cleaners you cannot work with.

In conclusion, why not source by yourself for the best cleaning materials that is at a lower cost and also safe for you and your loved ones?

Follow all these guidelines above and you will source out for the best part time cleaning service company in Singapore.

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