How Some Cleaning Products Can Be Harmful To Us

Cleaning home is essential and it is often done regularly using various products for home cleaning. Some of these cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and toxins that can be very harmful. These nasty chemicals can be a major reason for many health problems. It can be quite dangerous for your children and even for your pets. These chemicals can pollute the waterways as well as your environment massively. Thus, it is always better to choose eco-friendly cleaning products that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and are also good for the environment.

Some of the harmful chemicals that can be found in the products for cleaning are:

#1: Ammonia can cause irritation

Singapore is a very hot and humid climate which often encourages the mold and mildew to grow faster. Cleaning product containing ammonia is often good to remove molds and clean the area. But these products contain a high concentration of ammonia which can be highly effective for your health. This causes immediate burning sensation in your throat, respiratory tract as well as in your nose. It can often block the airways resulting in respiratory failure. It is also harmful for your skin, lungs as well as eyes. So, you must avoid the products containing ammonia strictly.

#2: 2-Butoxyethanol 

This is another harmful chemical which is often used in cleaning agents for glasses. This chemical is mainly found in the spray cleaners that are used for cleaning glass windows, doors or tables. Though it can work excellently on glasses and clean them, you must avoid any products containing this chemical. It can cause serious problem to your eyes and cause skin irritation as well. It can even cause blood disorders and reproductive problems as well.

#3: Benzalkonium Chloride

One of the active ingredients present in the formulas of many disinfectants is Benzalkonium chloride. This is highly toxic in nature and can be found in many cleaner sanitizers as well. This can be very harmful for people as it can cause many allergic reactions. You can get rashes, redness, swollen, itchiness and blisters due to this. It can also cause peeling of skins. In case of severe allergies, one can even get fever, tightness in throat or chest and face breathing trouble too. This chemical can also cause swelling of your face, tongue, mouth and lips.

#4: Parabens
Another dangerous chemical that is widely used in many cosmetic products as well as in cleaning agents is paraben. It is considered as one of the worst and harshest chemicals till date. It can cause numerous allergic reactions in different parts of the body. It can also cause breast cancers. This chemical can be highly dangerous for human being, especially women as it can cause fertility issues.

#5: Sodium Hydroxide

One of the most commonly used chemicals in the cleaning products is the sodium hydroxide. It is often used in drain and oven cleaners. It can clean any clogged pipes efficiently. Even it can remove the stubborn grease and oils effectively. But exposure to this chemical for a long time can lead to various diseases. The sodium hydroxide is a potential air pollutant which can cause chronic skin diseases and infections. It can even block your nasal passage and lungs. This can also cause ulcers in your nasal passage. 

#6: Phosphates

You will notice that many dishwasher detergents and bathroom cleaners have phosphates in them. These bathroom cleaners can be quite useful for cleaning your bathrooms and keeping them neat and tidy but it can slowly cause a lot of harm to your health. Too much use of phosphates can cause bone and joint pain along with muscle pain and excessive weakness. It can also cause vomiting, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea. Sometimes you can also feel tingly feeling and numbness. It can also cause dizziness and extreme headache. 

#7: Sulfates

This ingredient is quite harmful in nature and is often used in cleaning agents. It is mainly added to the products to create the foamy and bubbly effects. Though that may look really good, it can be very harsh for your skin. It can cause skin irritation, dry and itchiness of skin, peeling, scaling, rashes and different types of allergies. Thus, it is always better to avoid any cleaning agents that contain high amount of sulfate in it. 

How to avoid them?

It is always better to avoid the cleaning agents containing these toxic substances and chemicals in them. These harsh chemicals can cause numerous skin and respiratory problems. If you continue using the products containing such harsh chemicals, it can even lead to some deadly diseases. So, either you buy the products that are free of such harsh chemicals or make your own cleaning agent at home. There are many eco-friendly cleaning agents available in the market that you can buy for cleaning your home. Those products contain no or less amount of chemicals in them.

Even you will get numerous DIY tutorials for formulating your cleaning products. Use natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and other ingredients to create a safe and harmless cleaning product. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent which can be excellent for removing grease and oils from your kitchen or clogged pipes. Even in Singapore, the molds can often be treated with the help of vinegar. You can use clove oil and vinegar to make a solution and spray it everywhere to eliminate molds from your house.


Though the cleaning products contain harsh chemicals are much more effective on dirt, grease and molds, they can be quite harmful. So, to make sure that you are healthy and well, you must use products that are made up of natural products and do not contain toxins in it. Otherwise it can cause various health hazards. These harmful chemicals and substances in the cleaning agents can even cause death due to chocked respiratory tract. Some of the chemicals even have the potential to cause dangerous diseases like ulcers and cancer. So, before you go ahead and buy a cleaning product for your home next time, make sure to check the ingredients properly. This is important to stay fit and healthy.

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