How Much Does Monthly Part-Time Maid Service Cost? (Updated 2023)

Working full-time, returning home tired, and looking at the last dinner dishes still left in the washer can make you wonder what kind of life you are living. But no more; thanks to a team of well-trained and organized maids, so many people around Singapore can now live comfortably without worrying about household chores. Such maids can be arranged by agencies or individually through a verbal agreement.

How can you hire a cleaner in Singapore?

Cleaners can be hired in two ways, one is a full-time live-in maid while the second is a part-time maid. Now for some hiring, a full-time maid can be unmanageable, firstly as you will have to compromise your privacy while with ever-growing Singapore and space shortages it’s impossible to keep one at home all time. Part-time maids are usually local, PR, Malaysian, or work permits holder. Please note that domestic full-time maids and not allowed to work as part-time maids in Singapore due to the MOM law.

Most of the people living in Singapore hire maids for household chores on a monthly or part-time basis. What’s the benefit of having a part-time maid?

You don’t have to arrange for space like room and furniture and furnishing Your privacy is not disturbed with an all-time present maid You can call the maid when you have time to get the work done Give them off when you are on vacation Pay them hourly or weekly or monthly according to work requirements.

How much do you need to pay for part-time maids?
Most of the time, the arrangement will require you to pay an hourly wage in a band of 3-4 hours on an average of $28 to $38 per hour. It will cost about $460 – $480 for a once a week 4 hours session which consists of a total of 4 cleaning sessions.

Here is a well-researched list of part-time maid services at their current rate in Singapore:

One session of four hours a week will cost you around $420 – $450 per month. Two sessions of four hours each per week will cost you $945 – $980/per month. For twelve cleaning sessions divided over thrice a week,, you must pay only $1450.

Apart from the above, cleaning sessions on weekends and public holidays will cost you an additional $20 above normal rates. Also, any additional hours worked will be charged at $30 – $38/ hour.

In addition to these, there is a list of one-time Ad-Hoc services that can be availed at very reasonable rates. Such Ad-Hoc services include cleaning the entire apartment or private property before moving in or out or leasing the property. For example, one person working four hours to clean an apartment of less than 650 square feet will only be charged $190 – $220. Cleaning rates vary according to the area of the house or apartment. You may get customized quotes from your preferred service provider.

Part Time Helper in Singapore
Part-Time Helper in Singapore

What services does a part-time maid provide?
According to your requirement, you can arrange or make a settlement on the nature or kind of service you want from the maid. But generally, part-time maids do the following activities:

Vacuuming Dusting mopping
Cleaning toilets and kitchen
Doing the dishes Laundry
Ironing clothes
Taking out garbage 

From the above list, you can customize which services you require and then an agreement can be made verbal or written( if you hire a maid from the agency) on monthly charges. 

It should be noted that a part-time maid is helpful and economical when you have limited work with no time on your own to devote to the work. A part-time maid will cost you around $460-$1280 monthly. 

But having a part-time maid is not advised for those who want the maid to look after kids, cook meals, take care of the house, and all other needs. In case you have such a requirement, hiring a full-time maid is suggested. A full-time maid may charge you around $600-$900 per month, excluding the cost of worker’s levy, maid agency fee, security bond, accommodation, and food. 

Benefits of having a maid
When you work on hectic schedules, run between shifts, or have a family, things can go chaotic if household chores are not attended to. Having a part-time maid is a good option because you don’t have time to do things alone.

A maid can be a great help in doing household chores. They save you time and energy. Maids are dedicated to their work. If you live in a shared accommodation, you can split the wages. You can save money by foregoing maid services when you go on holiday.

So, if you live in Singapore and are looking to hire a maid, consider hiring one part-time. Owing to exceptionally high living costs, having a bigger apartment with an additional room or a servant’s quarter can be really expensive. While hiring a part-time maid can solve both your requirement for a helper and avoid the cost of a bigger apartment to accommodate a full-time maid.

Here Are The Top 3 Part-Time Maid Agencies in Singapore

If you’re searching for the top 3 part-time maid services in Singapore, look no further than Auntie Cleaner, House Cleaner Singapore, and @bsolute Cleaning. Not only are they known for their dependable services at an economical rate, but they also provide experienced and skilled personnel to take care of your cleaning needs – all without charging agency fees! With savings like these on the table, it’s worth exploring what these part-time maid agencies have to offer.

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd
Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd

Address: 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #05-03C AMK Tech 2, Singapore 567760
Phone: +65 8609 3601

Auntie Cleaner is Singapore’s top-rated company, providing dependable service and reasonable prices. Looking for an agency to hire a part-time maid without paying an additional fee? Look no further than Auntie Cleaner! You can trust this firm because of its exemplary track record in terms of reliability and affordability. Plus, when they are done with the cleaning job your home will be sparkling clean – on time and within budget. Don’t wait another day — contact Auntie Cleaner today for all your part-time cleaner needs!

Auntie Cleaners is a reputable cleaning company in Singapore that offers excellent services without an agency fee. Not satisfied with the maid? No problem – Tell them and they’ll arrange another one for you! What’s more, Auntie Cleaner has built its reputation over several years by providing experienced and well-trained, high-quality staff. Whether it be once or thrice weekly, contact Auntie Cleaners for part-time cleaners whenever you need assistance at your home!

House Cleaner Singapore
House Cleaner Singapore

Phone: +65 9859 3623
Website: House Cleaner Part Time Maid

If you seek the most skilled house cleaning company in Singapore, House Cleaner Singapore is your go-to choice. This reputable organization has earned its reputation for offering premier residential cleaning services, and they provide part-time maids when necessary. Not only that, but their offerings extend to cover full-time cleanings, carpet cleaners, painting duties, and laundry services – to name a few! When searching for an agent fee-free service that promises quality beyond compare – contact House Cleaner Singapore; here’s why:

  • Enjoy extra savings with House Cleaner Singapore – one of the few cleaning companies in Singapore that don’t require an agent fee or placement fees if you need a new cleaner. Not only does this provider offer standard housecleaning duties, but they also provide additional services such as aircon servicing and carpet cleaning, and spring cleaning service for even more convenience!
Absolute Cleaning Pte Ltd
Absolute Cleaning Pte Ltd

Address: 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #03-05, Singapore 417943
Phone: +65 9186 9762
Website: Absolute Part-Time Maid

Part Time Maid Service Price List in 2023
Part-Time Maid Service Price List in 2023

If you require a part-time maid at an affordable cost, @bsolute Cleaning is the solution. Experienced in various household tasks and free of extra charges, this company has earned many customers’ trust because they offer:

  • @bsolute Cleaning stands alone when it comes to dependable, reliable, and budget-friendly housecleaning services. Our experienced cleaners are highly trained for all types of cleaning jobs, from carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, weekly cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning to window washing; they arrive on time and follow your instructions precisely. With no hidden fees or charges, you can select a package that fits comfortably into your budget!

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