Domestic House Cleaning – A Need More Than A Must

Domestic House Cleaning – A Must More Than A Need

Home should be a place of rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work for the modern career man or woman. Unfortunately, more often than not, there is no such luxury. Housekeeping is a necessity and a neglected household inevitably loses its warmth and comfort. Eating out of take-away boxes and accumulation of dust and grime are sure signs of a lifestyle that is lacking in care.

No matter how much we hope for it, household chores do not do themselves. And we cannot always rely on inanimate robots, machines and other technologies to do proper dusting, cleaning and cooking. What we CAN do, however, is to get a pair of helping hands. Domestic help is a brilliant solution to your housekeeping woes and frustrations.

And yes, employing a live-in maid may not be suitable for everyone. Some lack the living space, some wish for privacy, some simply want to avoid the hassle of paperwork and preparation. We understand that letting a complete stranger live in your house may be a daunting thought. But employing a live-in domestic helper is pass. Increasingly, families are relying on part-time maids to fulfill their household needs. Not only can you skip the tedium of having an additional person living under your roof, part-time maids are assigned to suit your specific needs. Being temporary aids, their capabilities are assessed and are carefully matched to your household, based on what you and your family require. If you have a party to prepare for and need an excellent cook, we will recommend domestic helpers who are equipped with culinary skills. Need a nanny to look after your children? We will assign someone experienced in the care of children. If you need someone adept in ironing, dusting or washing, we will find you the perfect fit.

Part-time maids are employed based on an hourly rate, and for cleaning services, rates are also dependent on the size of your house. Based on the size of your residence, we will recommend employing more than one part-time maid for maximum efficiency. You may engage the part-time maid once a week, twice a week or on an everyday basis depending on your personal preference.

Services on weekends and public holidays are understandably costlier but still affordable at an additional $20 per session. During our peak period in January, a 20% surcharge is included.
If any accidents are to occur during the course of housecleaning in your house, the maid will be insured by the company’s insurance protection.  All part-time maids are given the proper and necessary training to give you the quality service you need.

 In this way, we serve as a reliable agent between our part-time maids and our clients. However, we do not believe in charging agent fees or registration fees on top of the cost of the service.
Do note that all cleaning products and cleaning materials are to be provided by clients. However, arrangements for cleaning materials can be made with us at an additional charge.

Domestic help does not necessarily include heavy paperwork and uncomfortable changes to your present lifestyle.

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