Do We Need To be At Home When House Cleaning Service?

Do We Need To be At Home When House Cleaning Service?

In today’s busy economy, more and more homeowners are turning to professional cleaning services for their home. Although they can manage their time well enough to squeeze in a couple of hours to clean their carpeted rooms or curtains and walls, it still makes sense to hire professionals at least once a year to do a thorough job that ordinary domestic cleaning appliances cannot handle.

Before we proceed to hire professionals, we need to do some basic shopping. With print advertisements, online advertisements, word of mouth recommendations and many other forms of publicity, how do we choose a good, affordable and reliable cleaning agency? Do we need to be home when a cleaning service starts? What contractual obligations and limitations do we have to bear in mind if anything goes wrong during the cleaning?

Read on to find out:

The flip answer to the difficult question of whether we should be home when cleaning starts is: Yes, but not necessarily. It is definitely good to have someone home to supervise and monitor the cleaning activities. It does not have to be you or anyone who is too busy to stay home for a few hours.
But matters can be more complicated in your household situation. Who should be appointed to be present? Ideally, you or the main owners of your home should be the people taking charge of the cleaning administration. But you or the other decision makers may not be able to take half a day of annual leave or time off just to be around.

Great if there someone monitoring the cleaning work. This person will make sure that the cleaning professionals know what to do, what to avoid, what special needs or requests you have, what hidden dangers or difficulties lurk in your home, and whether their progress is meeting with expectations.
Just remember that being present to supervise the workers does not give us any reason to impede or distract them! Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the cleaning work smooth and pleasant for both parties:

1.    DO be precise and firm on what work should be done, and what to be meticulous about.
2.    DON’T be uncertain or change your mind as the work progresses, making the workers undo or redo things just because you were unclear or undecided about earlier.
3.    DO be courteous and diplomatic when barking orders and requests at all times.
4.    DO make sure that all chargeable fees and terms of service are clear and understood BEFORE the work starts, to avoid possible disputes or misunderstandings.
5.    DON’T block the way when monitoring, and DON’T make a nuisance of yourself by fussing over temporary messes that are inevitable when professionals use bulky equipment.
6.    Finally, DO make casual conversation and small talk with the cleaners before and after the work is done!

Hope you will be a happy employer of cleaning services with these tips, and may your home be clean, tidy, dust free and a joy to dwell in!

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