Can We Really Use Coke As Toilet Cleaner?

Well, after toiling hard on a hot day may be the only thing that you need is a bottle of coke. But do you know that you can also clean your toilet with coke? In fact, you can do much more with this famous soda than just quenching your thirst. It might sound crazy, but it’s actually true. Because it has some acid in it, you can use it to cook a steak, make emergency oil lamp and clean the toilet. So in case your toilet has limescale stains or rings and you do not have any cleaning gear around you can actually grab a bottle of coke and use it as a toilet cleaner.

According to many people cleaning the toilet is one of the most dreaded household chores. There is nothing interesting about it but if you use this awesome drink, your messy chore will be turned into an easy task. Also, while using it, you do not have to deal with the messy chemicals. If you do not use all of it, drink the remaining portion. Remember, coke is also very cheap as it costs less than 50 cents meaning you will not have to spend a lot of money on it. But how can you clean your toilet with coke? Here are the steps,

· Take a cup of coke- Take a bottle of coke and open it. Remember you do not need a lot of it for this activity. If you have a larger bottle of coke measure only 1 cup. Coke works well as a toilet cleaner since it contains phosphoric and carbonic acid in it. These chemicals do not come from flavoring but rather from carbonization. This is why club coke and other carbonated drinks can be applied instead of coke.

· Pour it into bowl- Pour the drink around the bowl of toilet and allow it to flow over the stains that are visible. While doing this, ensure that you allow enough time for the stains to be coated with coke. Although this will appear to flow to the bottom, a small coat will remain on the stained area. However, if your stains are difficult to remove, try using an old rag of coke and then apply it by hand. Alternatively, you can use a spray container with soda if you do not want to stain your hands.

· Allow the drink to settle for sometime- After pouring coke on the stain allow it to sit o for some time. The longer you allow coke to settle on the stains the higher the chances you have of breaking down stains. In fact, it should sit for approximately one hour. But if you want to do a thorough work, allow the drink to sit on the stain overnight meaning, you should pour it before going to bed. Remember, coke is much better as a toilet cleaner than most chemical cleaners

· Flush the toilets- The acids will loosen up the buildup stains. Before flushing the toilet, you can scrub up all the stains that the coke loosened. Phosphoric acid found in coke will break down the stubborn stains. Once you are done, flush the toilet to reveal a freshly cleaned, stainless, and ring less toilet. Although natural solutions such as baking powder and vinegar can also do the trick, they cannot beat the power of coke

· Repeat the process as needed- After flushing the toilet, you will see how soda could remove much of the dirt. While soda coke really performs well for the built-up chemicals and the sort of rings that that are familiar with the toilets, it might not completely remove all the stains. You may, therefore, need to repeat the process again. This second process is very important especially if your dirt refuses to go away.

· Use a lot of scrubbing- After applying a some soda, a good old fashioned brush should do the trick. The process of brushing will further loosen the buildup stains and remove them completely once you treat them with the drink. If you are looking for best results, ensure that you brush it before using coke as a toilet cleaner.

· Use heat- Generally, it’s believed that chemical reactions sometimes occur much faster if you apply some heat. The acid reaction between coke and stains cannot be excluded. For extremely hard stains, you may heat up your coke inside a microwave before applying them. It does not have to reach the boiling point but it should be boiled enough to the touch. However, while doing this, never heat any soda or carbonated drink in a sealed containers. This can cause dangerous explosions of the liquid. Instead, pour it into safe glass and microwave it. Heating it may cause fizzing hence, make sure you wear gloves.

· Combine coke with other household cleaners- Although coke is very effective for job, it’s not the only the thing. For hard stains, ensure that you pair it up with other household solutions. For instance, mix it with vinegar and baking powder and use the concoctions to the toilet bowl and leave it for some time to settle down. However, for mold stains, try mixing hydrogen peroxide with some water in a spray bottle. You can also use the drink to brush any residual stains or scaling around the stubborn spot.

· Know when not to use coke- it’s also very important to know when using coke as a toilet cleaner is not the best choice. Remember, although it’s very much suitable for removing most mineral deposits that commonly exists in the toilets, it won’t work for stains such as grease or oil fat. More so, it’s also not good for killing germs. As a matter of fact, the sugar found in a normal coke can feed certain kinds of bacteria. Also it’s not effective for removing stains caused by dyes, inks and other pigments.


· Inform those whom you are living with ahead of time.
· Having some acid in it don’t make it dangerous to consume
· This process is not ideal for oily stains.
· You can also use soda water and other sodas for carbonation

That is how to use coke as a toilet cleaner.

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